2014-2016 Academic Integrity By the Numbers

In Fall 2015, AIO launched a new, revised and expanded website that included items previously only communicated in our annual reports (e.g., winners of our Excel with Integrity Contest and our Integrity Awardees). In acknowledgement of the website as the hub of academic integrity information, the former AI Annual Report has been condensed to an AI By The Numbers update.


Previous Academic Integrity Reports

These reports document the history of the academic integrity movement on campusThe purpose of producing these reports is to honor the values of honesty and responsibility, helping to ensure that the process and the movement are transparent.

You can see from these reports that we have shifted our focus, over time, away from counting incidences of academic integrity violations to creating and supporting a culture of integrity on campus. However, in each report, readers can get a sense of the picture of what is happening on our campus in terms of academic integrity and violations of academic integrity.