Integrity Awards

Award Categories & Nomination Form

Integrity is a core principle of the University of California, San Diego – without it, there can be no excellence. Individuals and departments/units who have demonstrated their support for academic, research or professional integrity through significant contributions in the last 12 months are eligible to be nominated for the Integrity Awards.

2019 Nomination Criteria

Awards will be given to UC San Diego members (e.g., students, instructors, staff, post-doctoral scholars, departments) and UC San Diego affiliates based on their significant contributions to integrity (on campus or in the larger city, state, national or international arena) in one or more of the following areas during the past 12 months:

  • Conducting research to inform UC San Diego practice on matters of ethics or integrity (e.g., academic integrity, professional ethics, business ethics, engineering ethics, character education, research ethics, or responsible conduct of research)
  • Promoting integrity and ethics in classroom, department, or research group activities
  • Mentoring others in, and/or role modeling for others, academic, research or professional integrity
  • Volunteering time to the University or the broader community in service to integrity and ethics (e.g., volunteering with the Academic Integrity Office or Research Ethics Program; serving on the Academic Integrity Review Board, Integrity Advisory Council, Institutional Review Board, Independent Review Committee, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee)
  • Institutionalizing integrity by implementing infrastructures or procedures to support integrity and ethical conduct or addressing systemic factors that lead to academic, research or professional integrity violations
  • Exhibiting courage in defending integrity (e.g., championing integrity by speaking up against academic, research or professional misconduct; stopping peers, colleagues or superiors from engaging in integrity or ethics violations).

2019 Nomination Process

The 2019 nomination process is now closed.

To see the nomination form that was used, click here

If you submitted a nomination and have any questions, please contact the Integrity Awards Section committee at

2019 Honoring of Integrity Champions

Award recipients will be announced to the campus in March and honored at the 9th Annual Integrity Awards Ceremony to be held on April 17th, 2019, 5:30-7:30 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room (Student Services Center).

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