Integrity Lunch & Learn Series 

The Integrity Lunch & Learn Series provides an opportunity for a small group of faculty and/or staff (about 24 in each session) to gather together to learn about strategies for creating classrooms and cultures of integrity. 

The Academic Integrity Office (AIO) and the Commons are partnering together to host the Lunch & Learn Series in W17 and SP17. At each of the three lunch & learns, we will broadcast an International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) webinar (partnering with Turnitin) and hold a discussion regarding how we can apply what we learned to the UC San Diego campus. Those who register by clicking on the links below will be provided with lunch.

Creating an Academic Integrity Community through Campus Partnerships & Educational Initiatives, Dr. James Orr, Virginia Tech University
February 22nd, 11 am - 12:30 pm, The Commons Room 1503 Creating an academic integrity community requires institutional effort. Campus units must partner in order to ensure effective policy and procedures, convey an educational message, and deliver intentionally designed programs. In this session, Dr. Orr will present strategies and steps for creating such partnerships. Webinar participants will discover new ways to engage faculty, staff, and students in creating communities of integrity.

The Role of Faculty in Academic Integrity Initiatives, Dr. David Rettinger, University of Mary Washington>
March 29th, 11 am - 12:30 pm, The Commons Room 1504
It takes a village to nurture academic integrity on college campuses. A successful integrity initiative will include students, administrators, and faculty, each with critical roles. This webinar will discuss ways to engage faculty in issues surrounding academic integrity. Topics include: encouraging academic integrity with pedagogy, crafting academic policies to support integrity, and talking with students about integrity. This webinar will be geared toward faculty and professional staff who work with them to support academic integrity./

Plagiarism Detected: A Practical Guide to Judicious Investigation, Mr. Christian Moriarty, St. Petersburg College
April 28th, 11 am - 12:30 pm, The Commons Room 1504
When a faculty member suspects student plagiarism, it is important to not only sleuth out the attempt at cheating, but to do so in a fair, ethical, and legal manner. This session will present a process to investigate, arraign, and ultimately rout academic misconduct. From paper turn-in, to apprising administration, to student meetings (and all the legal details in between), the attendee will learn a combination of old-school and modern methods.

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