The Integrity Mentorship Program (IMP) pairs students with peer educators so together they can explore strategies and techniques for achieving academic success with integrity. 

Students assigned to the IMP can proceed to Step 1 below.

Students opting into IMP can email to indicate their interest in participating. IMP may be available for entry in a student's CCR (co-curricular record).

Step 1: Complete the Universal Pre-Requistes

Step 2: Peer Matching Meeting

After you have completed the 3 Pre-Requisites, AND had your Pre-Requisite meeting with a Peer Educator, you need to meet with the AI Education Coordinator to get matched with a Peer Educator. You can book that appointment here (HYPERLINK TO AMANDA's CALENDAR in ACUITY).

Step 3: Complete the IMP

The IMP generally occurs over a period of 10 weeks. Once you (the Mentee) is matched with an Integrity Peer Educator (the Mentor), you will coordinate your schedules to meet 5 times (approx. every other week) according to a prescribed lesson plan.  You will have tasks to do in between each meeting. More information will be provided to you during Step 2. 

Once you have completed IMP, the Academic Integrity Office will confirm your completion with the appropriate parties.