How to Prepare Your Statement

  1. Include a header or title for your statement. It should be centered at the top of the first page and should look like this: STATEMENT OF YOUR NAME
  2. Re-read your statement and determine if there are documents you have that would support what you state in your statement.
  3. Edit your statement to reference those documents (in bold) in the appropriate spots. Below is an example (do not interpret this as an example argument to use---i.e., don’t plagiarize it!—but as an example of how to reference your exhibits): 
    1. "I am denying that I used an unauthorized aid during the final exam. The professor thinks that I did because I wrote things that I had read on Wikipedia and I understand that assumption. However, I actually have a very good memory [see Exhibit 1 which is an award I won in a photographic memory contest]. Because of this unique skill, I have developed a study strategy whereby I make copious notes of things I have read and memorizing those notes. You can see in Exhibits 2, 3, 4 my study notes that I created for this particular exam; if you compare those to my actual exam answers, you’ll see that they match. I have also include for you a statement from my roommate who confirms my photographic memory and study strategy [see Exhibit 5]."
  4. NOTE: if you are including a statement from a relevant party (e.g., the roommate in the above example), you need to be able to bring that relevant party to the Review so that the AIRB and/or instructor can ask him/her questions. Without their presence, it will be difficult for the AIRB to determine the veracity of their statement.
  5. Label each document appropriately, i.e., Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2, Exhibit 3. Put the labels in the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER of the document.
  6.  Make 7 copies of your statement and your exhibits. If your statement or an exhibit is multiple pages, staple the pages together
  7. Collate 7 packets so that each one includes: 1 copy of your statement and 1 copy of each Exhibit
  8. Turn all 7 packets into the AI Office by the specified deadline.