Actors of Integrity Company

Have fun. Be provocative. Be creative. 

The Academic Integrity Office employs a company of 5-6 talented student actors. This assemble loves working together to explain integrity & ethics to the campus through creative performances in scenes, improvisations, and instructional videos. Actors are also involved in writing and creating works.

Our Co includes people who can improv, be creative, comedic, dramatic, and have a passion for building a campus culture of excellence with integrity.

Role of the Actors

  • Participate in the delivery of performances.
  • Create and give integrity and ethics theatrical presentations.
  • Work with university community members to enhance the integrity and ethics culture at UCSD.
  • Reach out to schools and colleges through theatrical presentations to promote and educate students about the importance of Academic Integrity.
  • Represent the Academic Integrity office and convince the audience that it truly is important to ‘Excel with Integrity’ by engaging them into the performance.


To be able to participate in the Co, students should be/have:

  • a current UCSD Undergraduate student
  • a minimum of two theatre classes taken (theatre minor preferred)
  • excellent Improvisation abilities
  • a friendly outgoing personality
  • a strong work ethic in a team and professional setting
  • the ability to work both independently and within dyads and teams
  • basic oral presentation and communication skills and an interest in developing these skills further
  • a desire to exercise leadership and create a campus culture of integrity
  • a professional demeanor and ability to interact with diverse groups at all levels of the university
  • the commitment and dedication to meet the acting company’s responsibilities
    • NOTE: Those chosen for the Actors of Integrity Company must commit to at least 10 hrs. of creating, training, and/or performing within a quarter.


Actors of Integrity work with the AI Office team as well as Theatre Faculty and San Diego REP Director Todd Salovey to develop skills and knowledge that will help them succeed in everyday life:

  • their capacity for leadership by stimulating integrity dialogues and challenging unethical conduct through practiced and improvisational performances
  • communication skills by presenting to diverse audiences, small and large
  • ethical judgment and integrity when working with different individuals
  • a sense of personal, professional, and institutional ethics and their complicated intersection
  • project management skills
  • interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • ability to solve complex problems
  • real-world critical thinking skills

Audition to be Casted

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If you would like to book the actors for a presentation, contact us at

If you have any questions about the process and company, feel free to contact us.