Assistant Coordinators

  • Dorsa Gohardoust

    Dorsa Gohardoust

    International Business and Human BiologMajor | Class of 2021

    I am planning to go to law school after my gap year. Values of fairness, Justice, and respect are definitely what I resonate with and my experience in helping the students through the AI process has allowed me to practice how to communicate and guide litigants who are under pressure and in challenging circumstances.

  • Kenny Ferman

    Kenny Ferman

    Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Major | Class of 2021

    Future plans include working as an ER-Technician and pursuing my MD in Trauma medicine with a specialization in Infectious diseases

  • Matthew Klimper

    Matthew Klimper

    Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Major | Class of 2021

    I simply wanted more work and more responsibility. I had already fallen in love with the office through my time as a mentor in the Integrity Mentorship Program, and I wanted to be more involved in the intricacies of the office and get to know everyone who I worked with. I specifically chose to be an Integrity Mentorship Assistant Coordinator because I was able to continue with my work as a mentor. After I graduate I want to go into research specifically involving TMS research with parkinson's patients.

  • May Ly

    May Ly

    Chemical Engineering Major | Class of 2021

    I became an assistant coordinator because I want to be able to provide help and support for the university community. After I graduate, I want to work in the energy industry, specifically for renewable energy. I believe that there are more benefits to using energy sources that are abundant in nature and will not produce harmful effects for our environment.

  • Molly (Lin) Zhan

    Molly (Lin) Zhan

    Math & Economics Major | Class of 2021

    I decided to become an assistant coordinator because I want to help as many students as I can!

  • Salomon Gallo

    Salomon Gallo

    Political Science: Public Policy Major, Urban Studies & Planning Minor | Class of 2022

    After graduation, I hope to serve in the AmeriCorps, a federal civil-service organization, within my local community. Once completed, I would like to pursue a Masters of Public Administration and work for my county government.

  • Samar Idlibi

    Samar Idlibi

    Communication Major, Business Minor | Class of 2021

    I became an Assistant Coordinator because I have wanted to help out on campus in anyway that I can. Being able to help out fellow college students and guide them through a process that can be stressful is such a rewarding experience. In college we are sometimes put into difficult ethical dilemmas and I just want to help students understand that college is the place to learn from your mistakes and grow from those difficult situations that we may find ourselves in sometimes!

  • Sherry Xu

    Sherry Xu

    Visual Arts (Media) Major | Class of 2021

    I became an assistant coordinator after volunteering as a peer educator for 2 quarters. The values of the AIO family encourage me to be a better person. I would like to contribute back to the UCSD community.

  •  Tushita Tandon

    Tushita Tandon

    Cognitive Science with specialization in Neuroscience Major, General Biology Minor | Class of 2022

    I worked as a proctor first and really loved my work and the interactions I had, which encouraged me to take on more responsibilities. I wanted to contribute more towards the vision of promoting a culture of integrity. As an Assistant Coordinator, I get to help others to strengthen their value systems along with mine. It is inspiring to see the numerous ways the AI Office works to help the college students have a better experience even if they fail to follow some policies. I find their teaching and learning approach really valuable, and I am glad to be a part of it.