Integrity Mentors

  •  Abigail Baim

    Abigail Baim

    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Major | Class of 2022

    I decided to become a mentor because I wanted to hear the stories of unique students at UCSD. We all have a lot of potential, but sometimes it's hard to see it in ourselves. The mentorship program is an opportunity for me to help students build confidence in their abilities both academic and otherwise. I love listening to everything the students I mentor have to say and always end up learning a lot in my meetings!

  • Bryce Corley

    Bryce Corley

    Physiology and Neuroscience Major | Class of 2021

    Mentoring through IMP has provided me with an opportunity to connect with other students attending UCSD, and support them through various challenges that they may be facing which may have previously impeded their ability to reach academic success. After meeting with students who initially feel apprehensive about the program, it is very rewarding when they begin to embrace the program and as a mentor you can witness the strides they are making towards improving themselves through their work ethic, attitude, and relationships with others.

  • Dorsa Gohardoust

    Dorsa Gohardoust

    International Business and Human BiologyMajor | Class of 2021

    I joined to become a mentor because I truly believe that this program can be beneficial and impactful for the students if they fully take advantage of it. This program covers topics or lessons that are not normally covered in college classes. So it can help you develop lifelong skills and shift your path entirely. I really appreciate being part of this change!
  • Jennifer Lynch

    Jennifer Lynch

    Economics Major | Class of 2022

    I love that IMP allows me to connect with students from so many different backgrounds and hear their stories. Also, IMP has given me an opportunity to have social connections while staying at home!

  • Jillian Carter

    Jillian Carter

    B.S. Clinical Psychology Major | Class of 2022

    I wanted to become a mentor because I am very passionate about helping other students reach their true potential. In joining the AIO, I have realized that foundations of integrity impact so much more than merely grades and academic achievement. When students go through IMP, they are able to connect with what is important to them - their core values, their passions, and their goals, among other objectives. I feel so proud of my students whenever they report positive news in their check-ins, and am so excited to work with students who may need a bit of extra support. All in all, this job is truly an amazing opportunity to help others become the best versions of themselves.

  • Joshua Ahdout

    Joshua Ahdout

    Human Biology Major | Class of 2021

    I decided to become a mentor to help others and involve myself further in the UCSD community by helping create a meaningful difference in the lives of others. I aim to serve as a source of comfort for my mentees, as well as someone who they can depend on and trust. I feel a deep sense of gratification when hearing about the impact that the Integrity Mentorship Program and my mentorship style has on my mentees' academic careers and their lives overall.

  •  Kenny A. Ferman

    Kenny A. Ferman

    Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Major | Class of 2021

    Being an IMP mentor means doing your best to make a positive impact in a student's academic, personal, and emotional growth. This program is one that gives student's the opportunity to take an introspective look into what they want to work on.

  • Matthew Klimper

    Matthew Klimper

    Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Major | Class of 2021

    Mentoring to me means helping students alleviate their general stress and anxiety, and navigate through the hardships that come with school and other obligations.

  • Mya Haas

    Mya Haas

    Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Major | Class of 2021

    Mentoring in the IMP program is not only an amazing opportunity to help my peers as they are going through this process but also a learning opportunity for myself as I get to know each of my mentees.

  • Rochelle Kang

    Rochelle Kang

    Human Biology Major | Class of 2023

    I am extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a mentor in the IMP program. Being able to work alongside such a great team of mentors and seeing significant growth in each mentee has been and continues to be extremely fulfilling.

  • Sally Duong

    Sally Duong

    Business Psychology Major | Class of 2021

    The IMP program is about helping others explore and implement their version of integrity in different aspects of their lives.

  • Sceptre Ganasi

    Sceptre Ganasi

    Biochemistry/Cell Biology Major | Class of 2021

    Mentoring in the IMP program gives me the opportunity to serve my UCSD community and connect with each of the students that I meet. As a mentor, it has been a privilege to listen and learn from my mentees, and help them take steps towards achieving their personal and academic goals at UCSD.

  • Shimika Basuroy

    Shimika Basuroy

    Cognitive Science (Design and Interaction) Major | Class of 2022

    Mentoring has been a really fulfilling experience because I get to witness my students' growth, and build their confidence. But it's not just other students learning from me! I've also learned a lot from my students and coworkers, and have grown and become more confident myself.

  • Victoria Paola Alanis

    Victoria Paola Alanis

    Chemistry & Anthropology Major, Mechanical Engineering and German Minor | Class of 2023

    I decided to become a mentor because I wanted to help people excel with integrity and grow better study habits. UCSD has a ton of great resources people don't know about that can make studying easier, especially while school is online. As a mentor, I hope to teach others about these resources and help them become better students. 

  • Yasmin Jaramillo

    Yasmin Jaramillo

    Business Psychology Major, Law & Society Minor | Class of 2022 

    I decided to become an A.I. mentor because of the impact the A.I. Mentorship Program had on me at the beginning of my college career when I went through it; I learned a lot from my mistakes in their welcoming & encouraging environment & I wanted to become a part of the staff that created such an optimistic atmosphere for second chances afterwards.