• Dr. Tricia Bertram Gallant

    Dr. Tricia Bertram Gallant

    Director, joined UC San Diego in August 2006. Dr. Bertram Gallant is an internationally known expert on integrity and ethics in education. She has consulted with or presented at high schools, colleges, universities and professional associations throughout the U.S. and around the world, including in Australia, Canada, Egypt, England, Jamaica, Mexico, and Singapore. She is the author of numerous journal articles and book chapters, as well as author of "Academic Integrity in the Twenty-First Century" (Jossey-Bass, 2008), co-author of "Cheating in School" (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009), editor of "Creating the Ethical Academy" (Routledge, 2011), and section editor for the Handbook of Academic Integrity (Springer, 2016). Tricia is a long-time leader with the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI), of which UC San Diego is an institutional member, and currently serves on their Board of Directors. In 2018, Tricia was the first recipient of the Tricia Bertram Gallant Award for Service presented by ICAI. You can follow Tricia professionally on Twitter or facebook (@tbertramgallant).

  • Amanda Brovold

    Amanda Brovold

    Assistant Director & Education Coordinator, joined the AI Office staff in Fall 2013. Amanda is a former UC San Diego student, lecturer and TA, as well as a former AIRB member. So, she comes to us with plenty of integrity experience! Amanda teaches the AI Seminar, supervises the Integrity Peer Educators and advises the Integrity Student Organization which does education and outreach with UC San Diego and local high school and community colleges.
  • Mandy Gallegos

    Mandy Gallegos

    Operations & Marketing Coordinator, joined the AI Office staff in Fall 2016. Mandy is a Sixth College and Communication alum. Managing the office's operations and front desk, Mandy is the first point of contact for the UC San Diego community. She oversees scheduling for the AI Office's Reviews, educational services, and advising, and directs marketing efforts and content. 

  • Erica Lara

    Erica Lara

    Academic Integrity Case Coordinator, joined the AI Office staff in Fall 2016. Erica is a graduate of Northeastern University '13. As the Case Coordinator she will be initiating, processing, and closing academic misconduct cases that are reported to the office.
  • Karla Mendez

    Karla Mendez

    Education Assistant Coordinator, joined the AI Office Spring 2016. Karla is Warren College Math major. Karla is training with Angelica to take over the position when Angelica graduates at the end of 16-17.
  • Joana Granados

    Joana Granados

    Student Leadership Coordinator, joined the AI Office Spring 2014. Joana is an ERC college student studying Ethnic Studies & Sociology-Social Inequality. As a student leadership coordinator, Joana is responsible for helping organize/communicate with the academic integrity student org; coordinating and sometimes leading peer educator meetings and trainings; coordinating student advising appointments; organizing end-of-quarter & end-of-year events; coordinating student leader recruitment; working with other campus student leaders (e.g., RAs); and working in collaboration with Education Assistant Coordinator.
  • Kelly Mayeda

    Kelly Mayeda

    Communications Coordinator, joined the AI Office in Spring 2016. Kelly is a Sixth College student studying Psychology and Cognitive Science, Human Computer Interaction with an Education Studies minor. After graduation, Kelly hopes to become an academic advisor at the collegiate level, and work with UX/UI Design or web development.
  • Eric


    Management Science | Class of 2018

    Peer Since: Winter 2016

    I wanted to help others who have faced the same case as me and wanted them to learn from their mistakes.
  • Penelope


    Math-Computer Science | Class of 2019

    Peer Since: Winter 2017

    I joined the AIO family because as a student upholding integrity and helping students who made a mistake is one of the most effective and important way to maintain a healthy and encouraging campus environment.

  • Vivian


    Psychology and Economics | Class of 2018

    Peer Since: Spring 2016

    I was introduced and encouraged to join the AI Office through a friend. I wanted to become a peer so I can help spread integrity awareness around campus and to help students that have academic violations to overcome their problems.