9th Annual Integrity Award Ceremony

Integrity is a core principle of the University of California, San Diego - it is essential to our excellence.

Each year, on the third Wednesday of the Spring quarter, UC San Diego recognizes campus community members who have made substantial contributions to academic, research and professional integrity over the previous 12 month period.

The Nomination process for the 10th Annual Integrity Award Ceremony, to occur April 15th, 2020, will open in Fall 2019.


9th Annual Integrity Award Recipients

On April 17th, 2019, the 9th Annual Integrity Award Ceremony recognized the following 2019 Integrity Award Recipients:

Elizabeth Bell

Research Coordinator (Former), Biomedical Informatics

Elizabeth, along with another former employee, had the courage to bring forward a potential integrity violation. She gently pushed for immediate attention to the issue and was strong and determined to do the right thing on behalf of UC San Diego and the involved parties. Elizabeth's courage in bringing the matter forward had numerous positive impacts to the division and involved research participants."(Nominator)

Dr. Sara Gianella Weibel

Assistant Professor, School of Medicine

Sara has been a beacon of integrity and a tireless champion of increased integrity in the practice of research, treatment of patients and research subjects, and in her teaching. She chairs an IRB committee and strives to improve the ethical practice of every proposal that comes to her. She also champions her patients, advocates for their fair treatment, and spreads this message of integrity to the wider research community. She shares this same fervor for the ethical practice of research with medical students in her case-based learning seminars. She models the sort of dedication to integrity in research and life that we should all strive for.” (Nominator)

Dr. Atul Malhorta

Professor, School of Medicine

Dr. Malhotra promotes academic integrity, professional ethics, research ethics, and responsible conduct of research. Dr. Malhotra not only ensures that his own work is beyond reproach, but he teaches faculty, trainees and volunteers about the importance and necessity of integrity in all arenas - research, hiring, education, etc. Because he also serves on National and International committees and societies, he has been able to promote integrity and ethics in spheres beyond UCSD. In summary, Dr. Malhotra inspires mentees to strive to be the most up-standing, highly-principled people they possibly can be.” (Nominator)

Dr. Emily Trask

Executive Director, Center for Student Involvement

Emily exemplifies UC San Diego integrity core principles through her devotion to promoting integrity and ethics in student programming, mentoring and role modeling professional integrity, volunteering time to the UC San Diego community and exhibiting courage in defending integrity. Emily’s devotion to instilling integrity has a deep “ripple” effect within the entire UC San Diego community through her own actions, her leadership through her staff, training and development of student leaders. The student leaders pass their devotion to upholding principles of integrity to their student organizations and in their interactions with their peers.” (Nominator)

Kristen Tregar

Ph.D. Candidate, Theatre & Dance

Kristen is a model of integrity. In the classroom, she leads by example and consistently promotes integrity and ethics. And in her directing work, she challenges actors to think and practice through critical ethical frameworks and she presents work that stimulates audiences to think about their own decisions, their roles in their communities, and the changes they can make to create more positive communities.” (Nominator)