9th Annual Integrity Award Ceremony

Integrity is a core principle of the University of California, San Diego - it is essential to our excellence.

Each year, on the third Wednesday of the Spring quarter, UC San Diego recognizes campus community members who have made substantial contributions to academic, research and professional integrity over the previous 12 month period.

The 2019 Nomination Process is now closed.

Nominations were due 4:30 pm (PST) on January 18th, 2019.

You can still register for the 2019, 9th Annual Awards Ceremony here.


8th Annual Integrity Award Recipients

The 8th Annual was a special ceremony because we also recognized 10 years of the Integrity Peer Educator program - a program admired around the globe for both its contributions to the integrity culture at UC San Diego but also for the leadership development it provides to students.

On April 18th, 2018, the 8th Annual Integrity Award Ceremony recognized the following 2018 Integrity Awardees:

Dr. César Figueroa

Assistant Director, Residence Life, Warren College

“Cesar Figueroa has been and continues to be an exceptional ally, mentor, and leader. He continues to teach me the importance of integrity in the work place as well as in the pursuit to my professional career. I am better equipped to handle any injustice in the work place because of Cesar” (endorser of nomination)

Sheryl Gerbracht

Director, Business Office, Information Technology Services

“Sheryl is deeply respected and her work is trustworthy and trusted. As a role model, she inspires others (including myself) to strive for her same high level of moral and ethical compass. Over the years I have worked with her, I can say that she has made me a better person and one more dedicated to these values.” (nominator)

Dr. Robert Heaton

Professor, Psychiatry, School of Medicine

“This nominee promotes integrity and ethics in all spheres of his responsibility: as the Department of Psychiatry's Vice Chair of Academic Affairs, he is sought for his consistent, even-handed, highly principled advice to assist faculty with academic advancement through a rigorous peer-review process that he directs and that  features the preparation and presentation of academic review files that adhere to the highest standards of University policy and academia” (Nominator)

Lisa Kellogg

Director, Alumni Relations/Academic Divisions and Graduate/Professional Schools, Alumni

“Lisa has shown great courage and professionalism during my time at UC San Diego and specifically over the past two years that I've worked with her. She navigates difficult situations as professionally [and] Her thought process [is] always focused [on] what was in the best interest to maintain our strong and positive reputation at UC San Diego.” (Nominator)

Cecilia Bonaduce Leggett

Medical Student, Class of 2019

“Integrity is a vital life source for any University or academic community. The students and faculty of UCSD have a clear and sincere commitment to great education which is what makes our school a safe space for people to explore ideas, push boundaries, and make discoveries not only within their fields but within themselves as well.  I am approaching my fourth and final year as a UCSD medical student and can say with confidence that throughout my time at this institution, the School of Medicine has shown unwavering commitment to its mission of creating innovative and compassionate future physicians.” (Awardee)

Naomi Lin

Undergraduate, Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience and Music Major, Roosevelt College

“Integrity matters because it is the basis of respect and worth. Integrity creates good moral character and furthers professional development in individuals, organizations, research, classes, and more. By this domino effect of individuals upholding morals and integrity in turn improves the UCSD community as a whole. Since integrity promotes respect and good morals, these qualities also can better the overall mental health of the UCSD community. To me, integrity is the larger umbrella that encompasses other important aspects such as hard work and dedication. All of these characteristics foster the growth of leaders and innovators at UCSD, sequentially propelling UCSD into a future of success and prominence." (Awardee)

Luke Lindgren

Undergraduate, NanoEngineering, Revelle College

“one may think of Luke like a person who got a vaccine: those who get a vaccine help stop the spread of viruses to people who did not get the vaccine. By not sharing his work, Luke protects others from being able to cheat, and prevents the creation of an assignment-sharing culture. However, Luke is more than a vaccinated patient: he provides alternative methods of help and tutoring to guide his peers to understanding and learning class topics.” (Nominator)

Eric Mah

Assistant Dean for Clinical & Translational Research, Health Sciences

“Eric actively promotes integrity locally and internationally, through institutional efforts, mentoring, and social justice. Internationally he has engaged with the global research ethics community and in the process, promoted UC San Diego as an institution that cares about ethics and integrity.” (Nominator)

Professor Lisa Porter

Professor, Theatre & Dance

“Her principles of integrity are active in her heartfelt devotion to her students in our undergraduate and graduate programs. Professor Porter transcends intellectual applications of Academic Integrity as she gives comprehensive access to our community in her inner view about dimensions of integrity in theatre spaces, in classrooms, and outside of campus. In a word, integrity for Lisa Porter means absolute honesty about human endeavor and transparency so that the public trust is always maintained.” (Supervisor)

Dr. James Posakony

Professor, Cell & Developmental Biology, Division of Biological Sciences

“Jim Posakony is a scientist that is interesting in discovering truths - and not necessarily in striving to receive accolades for his achievements. He serves as a mentor and role model to several young faculty members. In these difficult times of excessive competition and limited research funding opportunities, Jim embodies the principals that hard work and truthfulness will be self-rewarding in pushing forward the boundaries of knowledge. His efforts have had both micro- and macro-impacts on the UCSD and national scientific communities.” (Nominator)