We have four SP20 Excel with Integrity Contests for you to Enter & Win!

These contests are open to all UCSD SP20 registered undergraduates and graduate students.

Annual "Excel with Integrity" Contest

Deadline: Friday, May 22nd at 9:00 AM

Banner 2018-2019

Submit a drawing, video, song or written piece that expresses how you excel with integrity, or why you think it is important to excel with integrity. 

  • 1st Place Winner- $250 Triton Cash
  • 1st Runner Up - $150 Triton Cash
  • Honorable Mentions may also be awarded
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Please make your submissions by May 22nd to this Google Form.

"Excel with Integrity" REMOTE Contests

Deadlines: 9:00 AM on May 5th, May 19th & June 2nd. 



NEW CONTESTS made specifically for our Remote Instructional Environment!

Submit your Remote Integrity, Integrity Zoom Background, and/or Integrity Meme via social media. Enter many times and often!

Winners for each contest will be drawn from among qualifying entries on May 5th, May 19th, & June 2nd*.

*If a contest has fewer than 3 entries at a time of a drawing, the entries will be rolled over to the next drawing.

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Previous Excel with Integrity Contest Winners!


2019 "Excel with Integrity" Contest Winners!


First Place: Alissa Ren, Leanne Chen, Anthony Tran

"A Little Peek" 


First Runner Up: Longchang Li

"Excel 2019" 



Honorable Mention: Jane Vo

"In This Grey World"



Honorable Mention: Maria Manzo

"Values Nested Within"


2018 "Excel with Integrity" Contest Winners 

First Place Winner:
First Runner-Up:
Yumi Lin
Amanda Chong
Rise above first place


Honorable Mention:
Lienwil Padillo


2017 "Excel with Integrity" Contest Winners

First Place Winner:
First Runner-Up:
Kimberly Diaz
Eunseo Cho, Hester Depel, Alban Johansson, Max Donovan

Honorable Mention:
Honorable Mention:
Yulun Calin Lin
Katy Zou
10 Minutes Left

Honorable Mention:
Yue Wang
Integrity Makes True Value

2016 "Excel with Integrity" Contest Winners

Frist Place Winner:
Frist Runner Up:
Ashley Cutright
Daphne Lu
Daphne Lu

2014 "Excel with Integrity" Contest Winners

Frist Place Winner:
Frist Runner Up:
Rutong Lui
Sarah Dilon
Rutong's charcoal art
Sarah's Degree Art

2013 "Excel with Integrity" Contest Winners

First Place Winner:
First Runner Up:
Adam Ramirez
Miranda Tsz Ko
Adam's My Heroes Didn't Cheat
Miranda's Academic Integrity University