Integrity Mentorship Program

The Integrity Mentorship Program (IMP) pairs students with Integrity Mentors so together they can explore strategies and techniques for achieving academic success with integrity. 



The purpose of the Integrity Mentorship Program (IMP) is to allow a student the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to their education, their willingness to learn and change their academic strategies for success, and their ability to positively contribute to the UCSD community. 


The IMP occurs over a period of 5 weeks. The student (mentee) is matched with an Integrity Mentor (mentor). The mentor and mentee will meet 5 times (approx. every week) according to a prescribed lesson plan. The mentee will have tasks to do in between each meeting, as well as check-in tasks during the non-meeting weeks.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Characterize their responses to the factors that led to their violation, and their feelings throughout the process so far.
  • Recognize the broad impact of their action
  • Assess what they need in order to excel with integrity
  • Construct personalized SMART goals
  • Identify their core values
  • Assess obstacles that may inhibit their ability to follow through with their goals and enact their values
  • Locate strategies to mitigate those obstacles
  • Design strategies for keeping their actions in line with their values
  • Identify resources that will assist them in reaching their goals
  • Evaluate their work towards achieving their goal
  • Assess their experiences engaging with resources

To successfully reach these Learning Objectives and complete IMP, carefully read the information in each of the following sections:

Step 1: Integrity Mentorship Program Structure

You must complete your prerequisites within 20 business days from the date on your sanction letter.  Since scheduling for the IMP requires pairing your with a mentor for 5 weeks of meetings, it is especially important that you complete these steps promptly.  You can find full instructions on Canvas.

Step 2: Send A Copy of Your Schedule

You can find full instructions on Canvas under the Integrity Mentorship Program module. Please do this as soon as possible.

Step 3: Evaluation

To successfully complete of the Integrity Mentorship Program, you must:

  • Show up to every meeting on time and with all required materials
  • If you must miss a meeting due to illness or emergency, you must contact the AIO as soon as possible to make arrangements to make up that meeting.
  • Complete all check-ins by assigned deadline
  • Complete and submit the reflection paper by the assigned deadline.
  • Students achievement of the learning objectives listed above will be assessed after each meeting.
  • The reflection paper is an opportunity to display their overall progress throughout the IMP.

Note: Students may be dismissed from a meeting if they have not completed their preparation (e.g. visited their resource as agreed) or if they are not on task (e.g. on their cell phones)