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Collaborating with Integrity Workshop

The Collaborating with Integrity Workshop includes 2 requirements:  

  1. A short online Canvas module
  2. A one-time, in-person workshop

Once the online module has been successfully completed, students can enroll in the workshop, which is usually offered 2 or 3 times a quarter. 

Collaboration is an important and valuable skill and one that it is essential for students. The skills that allow you to collaborate with integrity also make collaborations work better in school, at work, and in our personal lives.  

This workshop covers a number of topics related to collaborating with others and complements the learning in the AI Seminar. Students will:

  • discuss what is and isn’t collaboration 
  • learn about the benefits of successful collaboration 
  • gain skills to collaborate well 
  • develop tools to determine when an action is potentially crossing the line into a choice that lacks integrity 
  • practice how to weigh options to make the best choice in a difficult situation