Academic Integrity Violation Appeals

This page describes the types of appeals available to students who have accepted responsibility or been found responsible to have violated UC San Diego's academic integrity standards. NOTE: If you are looking to appeal something else with the University (e.g., admissions, academic grades), you are on the wrong page.

For students whose cases originated between FA19-Summer 2020, there are 3 types of appeals available:

  1. Administrative Sanction Appeals (for Suspensions or Dismissals)
  2. Academic Integrity Review Board Decision Appeal 
  3. Academic Sanction Appeal. Students can submit an academic sanction appeal when they believe the grade they received was for reasons OTHER than the academic integrity violation (e.g., discrimination). To do this, students must follow the regular grade appeal process.

For students whose cases originated in FA20 or later, there is one additional appeal that is available: 

Procedures 4.4. Students who fail to respond due to extenuating circumstances can request a timeline
extension, within 30 business days of receiving the sanction letter. This appeal is evaluated by the AIO and the AIO decision is final. To appeal the Failure to Respond, go to 

NOTE: Students who need assistance writing their appeals should contact the AS Office of Student Advocacy at