Important terms from the Policy, listed in alphabetical order.


  1. AI Review: if a student does not accept responsibility for an academic integrity violation allegation, and the Instructor does not withdraw the allegation, the case proceeds to an AI Review 
  2. AI Review I: an informal hearing that occurs if a student is proceeding to an AI Review and is NOT facing separation (NEW FALL 2019)
  3. AI Review II: a formal hearing that occurs if a student is proceeding to an AI Review and is facing separation (NEW FALL 2019)
  4. academic integrity violation: actions that attempt to get academic credit by means that are dishonest, unfair, irresponsible, disrespectful or untrustworthy within the academic environment (also can be referred to as "academic misconduct" or "cheating")
  5. academic sanction: the grade imposed by the instructor as a result of the integrity violation
  6. administrative sanction: the actions or consequences that are available to the University to impose on students in response to integrity violations.
  7. allegation: an official report submitted to the AI Office by an Instructor of a suspected integrity violation; this report initiates the process
  8. appeal: a student’s opportunity to ask for a change in sanctions or a reconsideration of a finding of responsibility
  9. Appropriate Administrative Authority (AAA): the admininstrators responsible for resolving allegations, determining and imposing administrative sanctions, and reviewing appeals per Policy (NEW FALL 2019)
  10. attribution: providing information about the words, ideas or works we’ve borrowed from another; see citation
  11. citation: a particular method for attributing words, ideas or works borrowed from another (e.g., APA, Chicago, MLA); see attribution
  12. disciplinary probation: a disciplinary record is created (which can be checked by graduate/professional schools and employers) but the student is given the opportunity to continue his/her education without interruption unless there is a second integrity violation
  13. falsification/fabrication: a distortion of facts or creation of a false excuse or piece of work
  14. non-academic probation: see disciplinary probation; non-academic or disciplinary in front of probation distinguishes it from academic probation (which is levied when a student’s GPA falls below an acceptable range)
  15. non-matriculated student: a student who has applied and been accepted but has not yet enrolled
  16. non-separable: when a student is only facing Warning or Probation as a result of an alleged academic integrity violation (NEW FALL 2019)
  17. plagiarism: the use of another’s words, ideas or works without appropriate attribution
  18. Presiding Officer: a AAA who is not the AAA of the student and who runs the AI Review II
  19. probation: see disciplinary or non-academic probation
  20. process: the means by which we resolve allegations of integrity violations.
  21. separable: when a student is facing a suspension or dismissal as a result of the alleged academic integrity violation (NEW FALL 2019)
  22. student's AAA: the AAA who is either the student's college dean of student affairs (undergraduate), dean of graduate division (graduate), director of summer sessions (summer session students), or Extension Registrar (extension students) (NEW FALL 2019)
  23. sustained: when a student appeals a sanction or decision, one option for the University is to uphold the original sanction(s) or decision