Integrity Proctors

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Integrity Proctors work in the Triton Testing Center and alongside course instructors and instructional assistants in classroom-based exams to help protect the integrity of the testing process.

Integrity Proctors are expected to:

  • attend mandatory training sessions (likely in the evenings or on Saturdays) each quarter of the academic year;
  • indicate their quarter availability for proctoring;
  • assume responsibility for showing up at designated time for each shift, and staying for the length of the committed time;
  • proctor, with a team, a variety of in-person tests in a variety of classes all over campus;
  • independently proctor students taking their tests in the Triton Testing Center;
  • employ best academic integrity practices while proctoring, following established protocol for reporting any suspected integrity violations; -write statements related to any observed integrity violations;
  • maintain the confidentiality and security of student information;
  • safeguard and maintain the integrity of exam materials and the exam environment;
  • complete a report after each proctoring event;
  • submit a report at the end of the quarter; and
  • represent the AI Office and the Triton Testing Center in a professional manner and with integrity.
* May be required to attend Academic Integrity Reviews to serve as a witness.
* May be asked to participate in interviews to help select future proctors.

Integrity Proctors must:

  • be current UC San Diego undergraduates in good academic standing;
  • have excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  • be responsible, honest, fair, trustworthy & respectful, both independently and as a member of a team;
  • have excellent organizational skills and ability to manage own complex calendar;
  • exhibit an ability to be astute observers with attention to detail;
  • command authority while maintaining professionalism and respect;
  • attend the mandatory training(s);
  • be available during the academic quarter, including midterm and finals weeks; 
  • able to fulfill commitments under tress and pressure; and, 
  • maintain integrity under stressful conditions and in environments with the potential of conflicts of interest

Work Hours: will vary according to the exams being proctored. Proctors’ schedules will be aligned with their own class schedules, but we expect proctors to proctor at least 6 hours/week. The current pay is $16.90/hour, but an increase is expected shortly.

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NOTE: by applying to this position, applicants give permission to the AI Office to check the applicant’s academic and disciplinary records, either of which may be used in decision-making about hiring.