Choose the Right Major for Yourself

Many students who cheat, cheat because they are not interested in their major, having chosen a major for their parents instead of themselves. So, you can prevent cheating by choosing the right major for you by asking yourself these questions:

  • What are two of my strengths?
  • What are my two weaknesses?
  • What do I enjoy and would enjoy doing every day?
  • Will my decision make me happy?

After asking yourself these questions, think about the answers and draw connections to possible majors/ careers. Remember to make a decision that will benefit you and will make you happy---in the end, it’s your life not your parents’ lives. So, decide what you love to do and then do it!

There is no rush in deciding a career path or major right when you start college. Allow yourself to explore different areas of studies and take different courses with different professors. This way you’ll learn to address things you like and don’t like before jumping into a major that could make your education journey throughout college miserable.

For further help, check out the Career Center . You can find many resources and endless information on their website or schedule an appointment with a career advisor to discuss your possible plans or help you create a plan. 

  • Before meeting with an advisor you could also take the Career Assessments that will not exactly tell you what career to pursue but will help you identify what some of your skills and interests are so that it can guide you in choosing the career that is best fitted for you.