Say "No" to Friends

You can prevent cheating by saying “no” to your friends if they ask you for “help” that would, in some way, violate academic integrity standards.

For example, a friend asks for old assignments, wants to do an independent assignment together, or asks to sit next to you during an exam. Saying no isn’t easy, especially to someone you care for, but think about it this way - caring for a friend sometimes means saying “no” if they’re about to do something that could harm them (like cheating).

So, when faced with a situation where your friend is asking you to do something you know would violate academic integrity, remember to be:

  • Honest - Let them know why you feel uncomfortable helping them.
  • Trustworthy - Make the right decision that will help both your friend and yourself excel with integrity.
  • Fair - Say "no" to create a fair environment for students so that everyone receives credit for their own original work.
  • Respectful - When you say "no", you are not being a bad friend. Instead, you are showing them that you respect their abilities and helping them to excel with integrity.
  • Responsible - As a true friend, it’s your responsibility to help your friends to excel with integrity by encouraging them to use their decision-making skills and get through obstacles in the midst of distress.
  • Courageous - Saying "no" to a friend can be hard, but having the guts to uphold these values is what a person of integrity does.