Promoting and supporting a culture of academic integrity in order to reinforce quality teaching and learning at UC San Diego.

Whether you are faculty or student, we all share the responsibility of upholding academic integrity.

Academic Integrity is important for:

  • training students to be ethical citizens and professionals
  • creating a teaching and learning environment that is fair, honest, respectful, responsible and trustworthy
  • upholding the value and reputation of your degree from UC San Diego
  • helping students excel with integrity
Take the pledge to Excel with Integrity as a UCSD undergraduate or graduate.
I pledge to excel with integrity by being honest, respectful, responsible, fair, trustworthy and courageous in my academic, research and professional work.
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The Academic Integrity Office also offers help to both students and faculty who need to respond to an academic integrity violation. So if you are involved in or witnessed cheating, get help or contact us.

To report cheating:

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