Peer Educators

  • The Peers are CCR Approved!

    The Peers are CCR Approved!

    The Academic Integrity Peer Educators are a part of the Co-curricular Record!

    Learn more about what the Peer Educator Program is here

  • Aneesh


    Bioengineering: Bioinformatics

    I love being a peer educator because I enjoy working with and helping other students!
  • Angelica


    Political Science and Ethnic Studies, Education Studies minor 

    I became a peer educator because I wanted to help educate our campus on the importance of integrity in both academics and professionalism. I wanted to be part of something that encouraged students and faculty to discover their core values and role on our campus by excelling with integrity. The best part of being a peer educator has been having the opportunity to help students learn about academic integrity and help them navigate through their college career by being a resource to them. Interacting with different students that come through our office really has helped me learn how to reach out and help different communities throughout campus.
  • Annie


    Political Science

    I decided to become a peer educator after taking a class on ethical decision making and learning how to use this information to help my peers and improve the Academic Integrity culture at UCSD.
  • Arthur


    Computer Science

    I joined the AIO because I wanted to help students who have violated an academic integrity policy go through the process and take what they have learned to become successful students.
  • Caitlin


    Molecular Biology

    I wanted to be a peer educator to have the opportunity to assist students that need help figuring out the process and policies, while also helping students move on from a mistake in their life.
  • Eric


    Management Science

    I wanted to become a Peer Educator in order to help others and prevent them from making the same mistakes as I did.
  • Hamzah


    Applied Math

    I became a peer educator because I saw it was a unique way for me to help other students grown during their college experiences.
  • Inky


    Cognitive Science HCI

    I wanted to learn more about academic integrity and become more involved in my community! Everyone here is very nice and it’s great to be a part of a great team!
  • Joana


    Ethnic Studies and Sociology: Social Inequality

    I decided to become a Peer Educator for a few reasons: I wanted to get involved my first year, I thought Academic Integrity was important and it gave me an opportunity to gain experience (I was a Psychology major). Even though I decided to change my major, I stayed in the office because spreading a culture of integrity and values became much more important to me than when I had started. I have also met amazing people throughout my time in the Academic Integrity Office. Most of all, I can say that being an Academic Integrity Peer Educator has helped me reflect on my own values and ethics in life to become a better person within the academic, professional, and personal spheres.
  • Julia


    Biochemistry and Cell Biology

    I was interested in the topic of academic integrity. I love the supportive community here and working with students.
  • Karla


    Mathematics and Management Science

    I decided to become a peer educator because I knew I wanted to become more involved around campus. Being a peer educator improves my leadership and communication skills on a daily basis, is helping me become more open-minded, and has helped me make great friends along the way. As a peer educator, I love that I get to help students turn a mistake into a learning experience.
  • Kelly


    Psychology, Education Studies Minor

    I joined the AI Peer Educators to help educate others, as well as myself, on academic integrity; I also wanted to promote a campus culture in which students have a strong value in maintaining integrity in their work and others'.
  • Kevin


    Public Health

     I wanted to be involved with something on campus that helps educate my fellow students on something that affects us all.
  • Mai


    Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience

    I decided to become a peer educator because I love being able to be a resource for advice and wanted to direct my passion for Academic Integrity towards helping my peers who are surrounded by temptations to do otherwise. 
  • Mo


    Computer Engineering, Art History Minor

    I joined because I have met some amazing people in my time here at UC San Diego and I found that becoming a peer educator was a way I could give back to the community here.
  • Mustafa


    Pharm D.

    I chose to be a Peer Educator because it mimics the Board of Pharmacy in the real world. There will come a time when one pharmacist out there will slip up (be it he stole drugs/he was lax in his security/or other unlawful things like falsify documents/insurance fraud) and then be sent to the Board of Pharmacy where a panel of Judge which consist of other pharmacists/colleagues who will review his case and determine his sanction including the possibility of losing their license. Basically there is much similarity between Board of Pharmacy and reviewing pharmacists case vs AIRB and peer education vs student cheating. This analogous experience will be useful in dealing with these kinds of situations and to gain self awareness.
  • Nathan


    Biochemistry/Cell Biology

    What I love most about being a peer educator is the opportunity to teach through experiences. It is really rewarding to help others grow and develop through sharing my own experiences.
  • Payal


    Molecular Biology

    I love being a peer educator because it gives me an opportunity to help students make their violation a positive learning experience!
  • Sally



    I became a Peer Educator because I wanted to be involved in a community that promotes integrity, as well as wanting to help other students who need guidance or advice.
  • Sero



    I love being a peer educator because I'm able to help others move on from their mistakes. Most importantly, I love being a part of an amazing organization that helps students understand our core values: honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, and trustworthiness. 

  • Stacey


    Biochemistry and Cell Biology

    I joined the Academic Integrity Peer Educator team because I went through seminar and it made me think seriously about all the ethical decisions we make every day. I liked how I was constantly challenging myself to make the right decision for me, and being a peer educator reminds me of that.
  • Trina


    Human Biology

    I joined because I want to help spread a culture where students don’t feel compelled to cheat and know that upholding their academic and moral integrity is better than undeservedly receiving a good grade.
  • Valentina



    The thing that I love the most about being a peer educator is that while helping other students on campus I'm also able to constantly remind myself of my values and gain new perspectives.

  • Vivian


    Psychology and Economics

    I wanted to become a peer educator because it brings me joy when I can help others!