UCSD openly publishes the guidelines we use for the sanctioning of academic integrity violations and you can see them here.

Briefly, however, administrative sanctions can include:

  • Disciplinary probation (this means "first strike" — once you're on disciplinary probation, future violations could lead to suspension or dismissal)
  • Assignment to the Academic Integrity Seminar (at a cost of $75)
  • Other educational programs (e.g., plagiarism workshop)
  • Suspension (from 1 quarter up to 2 years)
  • Dismissal from UCSD

In addition to the administrative sanctions listed above, students will receive an academic sanction from the instructor for the course which can range from a 0 on the assignment/exam in question to an F in the class. The grade received as a result of an academic integrity violation stays calculated into the student’s GPA even if the student retakes the class.

If you have further questions, take a look at our FAQs on consequences of cheating. 

So the costs of cheating outweigh the benefits?

Absolutely! Educate yourself and your friends and always, always do your academic work with integrity!