Academic Integrity Reviews

Students contest about 15% of academic misconduct allegations. These contested allegations must be heard by the Academic Integrity Review Board, composed of faculty and students.

The review's primary purpose is for an unbiased and uninvolved group of faculty and students to determine if it's "more likely than not" that an academic integrity violation occurred. It is not a legal proceeding, but a meeting to determine whether a student’s behavior violated University standards and warrants an intervention.

The decision-making process in AI reviews is similar to what occurs when we do research: We collect and analyze the data, then make a logical and reasonable conclusion based on that data.

If a student whose behavior you reported requests an AI review, you must be present to answer questions about the suspected violation. You may also question the student in front of the AIRB.

How to prepare for the review

Before the review

When a student requests a review, the Academic Integrity Office will contact you to schedule it. At that time, you need to confirm:

  • The allegation statement you wish the AIRB to read
  • The additional documentation you will submit to support the allegation
  • Any relevant parties you will bring with you (e.g., a teaching assistant)

Because all parties receive all documentation before the review begins, avoid bringing any documentation to the review that you have not previously provided to the Academic Integrity Office. This could provide the student with a basis for an appeal.

During the Review

  • The AIRB reviews the allegation documentation before you and the student are present. When you and the student arrive, the AIRB questions you and the student to clarify the facts of the allegation. You and the student can question each other.
  • If other parties have additional relevant information, the AIRB invites them to the review to answer questions.
  • Before the review concludes, you have the opportunity to summarize your thoughts about the incident.

After the review

  • Once the questioning is complete, everyone except AIRB members is asked to leave so that the AIRB can reach a decision.
  • The AIRB will notify you of its decision via e-mail within 5 business days.