Academic Integrity Review Board

For undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty

The AIRB is a critical component in a fair process for resolving allegations of academic integrity violations.

If you choose to get involved in this capacity, you will be a part of a select group of people dedicated to ensuring excellence with integrity at UCSD. The AIRB is comprised of 25 faculty members, 12 undergraduates and 12 graduate students.

What do AIRB members do?

Members of the AIRB review contested allegations of Policy on Integrity of Scholarship violations in an Academic Integrity Review (the “Review”).

The purpose of a Review is to provide the student who is alleged to have violated the Policy on Integrity of Scholarship the opportunity to be heard by a fair and impartial panel of faculty and students. Reviews are heard by a Panel of 3 faculty, 1 graduate student, and 1 undergraduate student who are chosen from the full Academic Integrity Review Board (AIRB).

The responsibility of the Panel is to serve impartially, assess all information presented at the Review, and render a decision based on a preponderance of information whether it is more likely than not that the student violated the Policy on Integrity of Scholarship. The standard “preponderance of evidence” is reached when the information presented, having been fairly considered, produces the stronger impression and has the greater weight, and is more convincing of its truth when weighed against information to the contrary. The decision of the Panel shall be determined by a simple majority of voting members.

What does the service require?

AIRB members are asked to serve on a certain number of Reviews each quarter (4 for faculty, 2-3 for the students). During these reviews (which can take between 2-3 hours), 5 AIRB members (3 faculty, 1 undergraduate and 1 graduate student) meet together, along with the relevant parties, to review an allegation of an academic integrity violation and make a decision of responsibility. There is no pre or post work required.

What qualities does a good AIRB member have?

The role of the AIRB member is to come to a fair and informed decision about a contested allegation of an academic integrity violation. Thus, good AIRB members are patient, empathetic, intelligent, insightful, inquisitive, thoughtful, and articulate. They like making collaborative decisions and seeking truth and justice in unsure situations.

What are the expectations of AIRB members?

The AIRB is unlike any other committees on campus because of both its import and its format. For example, students being heard by the AIRB could be suspended or expelled from UC San Diego. Also, Reviews cannot occur without all members of the Panel being present. Thus, members should serve on the AIRB if they are not able to:

    • commit to a 5 hour training program (1st quarter) and thereafter commit to 4 Reviews per quarter (approximately 10-12 hours)
    • follow-through on their committed Reviews and prioritize their Review schedule once it is set
    • make informed and impartial decisions based on the facts (rather than on emotion)
    • respond promptly to emails from the AI Office
    • serve at least 1 full year (although most serve multiple years)

How do I get involved?

Members are appointed in the Spring quarter to begin the following academic year

    • Faculty are appointed by Senate’s Committee on Committees. Email AI Office Director Bertram Gallant to express your interest
    • Undergraduate and graduate student members are appointed to the AIRB. To have your appointment considered, complete this application and submit it by the 4th week of Spring quarter. Appointments are made before the end of spring quarter for a fall quarter start.