Peer Educators

  • The Peers are CCR Approved!

    The Peers are CCR Approved!

    The Academic Integrity Peer Educators are a part of the Co-curricular Record!

    Learn more about what the Peer Educator Program is here

  • Andrew Kelton

    Andrew Kelton

    Human Biology Major | Class of 2022

    I am very excited to be on the AIO team and help my peers navigate the unusual time of remote learning. I hope to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to excel with integrity!

  • Caitlin Grace Balmores

    Caitlin Grace Balmores

    Public Health Major, HDS Minor | Class of 2023

    I wanted to become a peer educator because I wanted to be more involved within UCSD, and I strongly believe in what the AIO stood for. I also wanted to be a mentor and guidance for the students who have violated academic integrity, while promoting it at the same time.

  • Cathlyn Denise Serrano

    Cathlyn Denise Serrano

    Psychology with a Specialization in Clinical Psychology Major | Class of 2023

    I wanted to become a peer educator to act as a role model and guide for my peers. I wish to become a resource for my community, as well as meet many new people and help them in their journeys towards meeting their aspirations and successes!
  • Daisy Chan

    Daisy Chan

    Chemistry and Biochemistry Major | Class of 2021

    I want to bring the idea of good values alive into the classroom and hope that people can face their weaknesses courageously; it is the only way to how we can become better

  • Emily Nguyen

    Emily Nguyen

    Microbiology Major | Class of 2023

    I wanted to become a peer educator to promote a positive learning environment for my fellow peers to let them know they are never alone in making difficult ethical decisions. I also wanted to get more involved in the campus and help others, so this was a perfect way to do both!

  • Emily Tran

    Emily Tran

    General Biology Major, Psychology Minor | Class of 2022

    I admire what the Academic Integrity Office stands for and by being a Peer Educator, I am able to help my peers at UCSD reform how they approach and view their education. This program has provided me with so many opportunities to grow as an individual and I am grateful to be a part of this amazing team!

  • Emma Lou

    Emma Lou

    International Studies - Economics Major | Class of 2021

    I became a peer educator because I wanted to be more engaged in the UCSD community and help students who are in vulnerable situations.

  •  Kaitlyn Hoo

    Kaitlyn Hoo

    Microbiology Major | Class of 2022

    I became a peer educator because I wanted to be more involved in the school community and promote integrity on campus, which is especially important during these times. I also wanted to find others with similar morals as me, and was lucky to meet some amazing and fun peers with goals of their own! After college, I hope to pursue a career in science, whether that be in pediatrics, dermatology, or biotech patent law.

  • Kia Pakravesh

    Kia Pakravesh

    General Biology Major | Class of 2020

    I wanted to promote honesty, integrity and fairness for every student at UCSD. Every student needs to have a fair education.

  • Louis Li

    Louis Li

    Biochemistry-Chemistry Major | Class of 2021

    I want to help others who are also involved in academic integrity violence to get rid of the worry, and I also want to bring them integrity and confidence.

  •  Madeleine Thomson

    Madeleine Thomson

    World Literature and Culture Major | Class of 2022

    I became a peer educator because ethics is fascinating to me. I really enjoy helping students identify with their values and develop their own ethical decision making processes. I'm planning to take these skills with me into law school after I graduate.

  • Shivanshu Gupta

    Shivanshu Gupta

    Electrical Engineering Major | Class of 2023

    I became a peer educator because I genuinely believe in the process the AIO employs to help a good message reach the students who have made a bad decision. I believe in the fact that no student is bad and the violations that occur are a product of external factors and lapse in judgement and I feel content helping those students through this position!

  • Stephanie Tam

    Stephanie Tam

    General Biology Major | Class of 2022

    I wanted to be a peer educator to promote a culture of integrity by helping others recognize the importance and benefits of practicing integrity.

  • Stella Li

    Stella Li

    Psychology (Spec. Human Health) Major | Class of 2020

    After completing the AI Seminar myself, I realized how helpful and informational the program was and decided to join the AI family. I became a Peer Educator to motivate and guide students through a time that may be stressful. I understand that receiving a sanction isn't usually on everyone's bucket list, but I believe, as a community, we can help one another grow and improve from our mistakes!

  • Swathi Senthil

    Swathi Senthil

    Neurobiology Major, Global Health Minor | Class of 2022

    Being a peer educator and working with such a compassionate staff has been such  a great opportunity. I love that the peer educator program utilizes positive reinforcement to help students and create a safe space for UCSD!

  • Yen Tran

    Yen Tran

    International Business and Political Science Major | Class of 2021 

    I joined the UC San Diego Academic Integrity team as a Peer Educator because I love how this position gives me the opportunity to interact and help out my fellow Tritons. Besides, I also get to improve my communication skills and listening skills! After graduation, I am interested in pursuing a career in Sustainability, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Business industry. Aside from my professional endeavors, I cook, practice yoga, and hang out with my little puppy, Milo.