Peer Educators

  • The Peers are CCR Approved!

    The Peers are CCR Approved!

    The Academic Integrity Peer Educators are a part of the Co-curricular Record!

    Learn more about what the Peer Educator Program is here

  • Aaron Apte

    Aaron Apte

    Computer Science Major | Class of 2020

    Peer Since: Spring 2018

    I became a peer educator because I wanted to give back to the UCSD community and make a positive difference in students' lives, and because I wanted to have the opportunity to meet many amazing people and find my own place on campus.
  • Alejandra Contreras

    Alejandra Contreras

    Business Psychology Major| Class of 2020

    Peer Since: Winter 2018

    I love being a peer educator because I get to help other students and spread awareness about integrity at UCSD.

  • An Nguyen

    An Nguyen

    Biochemistry and Cell Biology Major | Class of 2020

    Peer Since: Fall 2018

    I became a peer educator because I wanted to improve my speaking and mentoring skills. I realized that students in a highly stress environment like UC San Diego can be tempted to violate academic integrity. Therefore, I want to be part of the campus resource that promote and support academic integrity. Becoming a peer educator helped me to open up more because I am in an environment where opening up facilitates a lot of great discussions. 

  • Annie Jia

    Annie Jia

    Communication Major | Class of 2022

    Peer Since: Fall 2017

    I joined peer educator program to broaden my network and more importantly, to experience university life and promote a culture of integrity. This program fits perfectly and gives me much more, including being a better communicator, a better peer and simply a better person.

  • Ashwin Ganesh

    Ashwin Ganesh

    Bioengineering: Biotechnology Major | Class of 2019

    Peer Since: Fall 2018

    I wanted to be a peer educator as I want to help students get through what may be one of the most stressful points in their academic careers. I wish to be a resource that other students can draw on to learn and grow as people..

  • Belen Robles

    Belen Robles

    Psychology Major, Spanish Literature Minor | Class of 2020

    Peer Since: Fall 2017

    I became a peer educator because I wanted to get involved on campus and I really liked what the AIO stood for. The offices values align with mine really well and that's a big reason I decided to join. I also really enjoy helping others and providing support, and our office does just that! It seemed like a great fit.
  • Cecilia Lorenzo

    Cecilia Lorenzo

    Philosophy Major, Archeology Minor | Class of 2019

    Peer Since: Fall 2016

    I became a peer educator because I wanted to be an active leader and participant in the UCSD community. Another reason for becoming a peer educator was to teach other students of the importance of academic integrity. Thirdly, I really enjoy working with a diverse group of students and getting to hear their stories. I can relate to most of my students from a personal perspective.
  • David Dai

    David Dai

    Computer Science Major | Class of 2020

    Peer Since: Fall 2017

    My favorite part is actually the short connection between the students and the peer educator. During this connection, the student puts the trust in the peer educator, myself, and at the same time, the peer educator is trying to help out the student with his best ability. This trusted connection and the usual satisfied results combined to be my favorite part of being a peer educator.

  • Deepak Lakshmipathy

    Deepak Lakshmipathy

    Nanoengineering Major, General Biology Minor | Class of 2019

    Peer Since: Fall 2018

    I wanted to become an Integrity Peer Educator because I want to inform and educate fellow students about the importance of academic integrity, help those with alleged violations learn from their mistakes, and promote the excelling-with-integrity culture both on and off the UCSD campus. In addition to this, I myself had an academic integrity violation during my first quarter as a freshman at UCSD (Fall 2015) and remember how helpful the peer educators were in guiding me through the whole process. As a result, I really hope to be a peer educator so that I can carry on that tradition and provide that same caliber of guidance to younger students.

  • Elise Anthenien

    Elise Anthenien

    Molecular Biology Major, Philosophy Minor | Class of 2020

    Peer Since: Fall 2018

    I wanted to help those who are in vulnerable situations and to promote integrity on campus.

  • Henry Wang

    Henry Wang

    Applied Mathematics & Economics Double Major, Buisiness Minor | Class of 2021

    Peer Since: Winter 2019

    Before the completion of AI Seminar, Academic Integrity was very vague to me. However, after I went through the process of how to deal with ethical dilemmas not only academically, but also life struggles. I realize this program will have a significant influence throughout my life. With my personal experience, I want to help and guide other students to realize the importance of integrity, like the Peer Educators who helped me. Being an Integrity Peer Educator will also enhance my skills and understandings on other ethical dilemmas.

  • Jeremy Silverstein

    Jeremy Silverstein

    Economics Major, Political Science & Business Minor | Class of 2020

    Peer Since: Winter 2019

    I am interested in becoming an Integrity Peer Educator so that I can give back to UCSD by promoting the highest standards of integrity on campus. I hope to provide a resource to students so that they do not resort to cheating or other violations of academic integrity.

  • Joanna Chen

    Joanna Chen

    Joint Mathematics-Computer Science Major | Class of 2019

    Peer Since: Winter 2017

    I wanted to get involved on campus and help other students in some way. As a peer educator, I can help students better understand what academic integrity is and why it's important now during our time at UCSD and later on in the future.

  • Karla Mendez

    Karla Mendez

    Joint Mathematics-Economics Major, Accounting Minor | Class of 2019

    Peer Since: Spring 2016

    At first, I decided to become a peer educator because I wanted to get more involved around campus. After doing some research, I liked what the Integrity Peer Educators were doing for other students and knew that I wanted to be a part of it. Helping others is something I've always enjoyed doing, and as a peer educator, I get to help fellow peers turn a mistake into a learning experience. Having integrity is not just about making sure you don’t get an academic integrity violation in college, it’s about being true to who you are as an individual and how you would like others to see you through your own work. Destroying that preconceived notion that “everyone does it” has been a huge motivating factor as to why I’m still a peer educator because everyone does not do it and I want to be proud of being a UC San Diego graduate.
  • Karrin Huang

    Karrin Huang

    General Biology Major | Class of 2020

    Peer Since: Fall 2017

    This may sound funny, but I learned how to ask questions as a peer educator. One of my greatest weaknesses is that I am afraid of asking for help. I always thought I was expected to know all the answers. While being a peer educator, I have gained the courage to ask questions whenever I don't understand policy or know how to approach a situation. 

  • Kelly Mayeda

    Kelly Mayeda

    Cognitive Science HCI & Psychology Double Major, Education Studies Minor| Class of 2019

    Peer Since: Fall 2016

    I joined the AI Peer Educator family because I wanted to become a resource to others and help promote a campus culture in which students place strong value in maintaining integrity in their everyday lives - academic, personal, and professional aspects. I also love the office atmosphere and the belief that good people make mistakes too, and we then try and grow from it!

  • Kelsey Guo

    Kelsey Guo

    Cognitive Science HCI Major | Class of 2019

    Peer Since: Fall 2017

    I became a peer so I can let my fellow students know that mistakes don't define who you are, it's what you learn from them that matters.

  • Lilac Wu

    Lilac Wu

    Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major | Class of 2019

    Peer Since: Winter 2017

    It is a nice experience to help others, and rule myself strictly as the same time. I enjoy being a part of AI family, and the office is as warm as another home to me.

  • Liliana Rodriguez

    Liliana Rodriguez

    Sociology Major, Global Health & Psychology Double Minor | Class of 2019

    Peer Since: Winter 2018

    I became a Peer Educator because I wanted to be more involved on campus, one day walking home I saw a sign by the Academic Integrity Office asking for students to apply to be a peer educator. After a little research I found out that Peer Educators are a resource for students, they promote integrity within the UCSD community, in the classrooms, and in their daily life. I knew I wanted to be a Peer Educator once I realized the positive impact it has on the UCSD campus.

  • Louis Li

    Louis Li

    Biochemistry/Chemistry Major | Class of 2021

    Peer Since: Spring 2019

    I want to help others who are also involved in academic integrity violence to get rid of the worry, and I also want to bring them integrity and confidence.

  • Madi Miyake

    Madi Miyake

    Cognitive Science Language and Culture Major | Class of 2021

    Peer Since: Winter 2018

    I’m really interested in finding new ways to develop my personal leadership skills and to strengthen my communication abilities. This opportunity provides the chance to improve skills I will continue to use after I get my degree. In addition, I hold myself to a high standard when it comes to integrity, most particularly in my education, and honestly earning my accomplishments is important to me personally. I clearly understand and connect to the goals of the Peer Education program, and believe in the value of academic ethics.
  • Maria Manzo

    Maria Manzo

    Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major, Business Minor | Class of 2019

    Peer Since: Winter 2018

    I decided to become a Peer Educator because I thought the people from the office were very welcoming and kind. Now that I'm a peer educator, I've fallen in love with the family and supportive community that I've become a part of. I will establish what integrity means in my own life, and show people how cool it is to stick to one's values.

  • Manh Truong

    Manh Truong

    Electrical Engineering Major | Spring 2020

    Peer Since: Spring 2019

    I like to help and I want to make education worthy with integrity.

  • Mika Oyumergen

    Mika Oyumergen

    Physiology and Neurosceince & Sociocultural Anthropology Double Major | Class of 2020

    Peer Since: Fall 2018

    I want everyone to be treated equally. It is important to me and the values of respect and integrity is the core of peer educators. I want to help students not to make mistakes that could lead to very bad consequences. I also want to meet new students and make long lasting friendships!

  • Mo Rahman

    Mo Rahman

    Computer Engineering Major | Class of 2019

    Peer Since: Summer 2016

    I became a peer educator to give back to the UCSD community as well as improve my understanding of academic policy so that I could be a resource of information for my peers.
  • Nicole Tran

    Nicole Tran

    Cognitive Science Design and Interaction Major | Class of 2021

    Peer Since: Spring 2019

    I would like to guide those who are struggling with school and promote appropriate educational aids. Furthermore, I enjoy being at UCSD and would not only like to get more involved but help strengthen the community. I believe hard work is an important aspect of life, and I would like to help motivate others to improve upon their own work opposed to cheating.

  • Samar Idlibi

    Samar Idlibi

    Communication Major, Business Minor | Class of 2021

    Peer Since: Winter 2019

    I think being a peer educator is a wonderful way for me to create new friendships and connect with people while making an important impact on the UCSD community by fostering honesty and respect for academic integrity. I think this position is a great way to help out my school and fellow students in any way that I can!

  • Sherry Xu

    Sherry Xu

    Visual Arts Media Major | Class of 2021

    Peer Since: Winter 2019

    To be honest, I have experienced academic violation and got warned by the AI office. Then I attended the AI seminar as a sanction. This experience helped me to learn a lot about making good decisions and the meaning of being an honest person. I feel a lot of regret about getting involved in academic integrity violation, so I want to get involved in AI peer education to help more people to understand the meaning and methods of making honest decisions so that we can promote UCSD as an integrated community.

  • Tammy Tong

    Tammy Tong

    Management Science Major, Business Minor | Class of 2019

    Peer Since: Winter 2018

    I like being a resource to students. Being able to help and make a connection with students is one of my favorite parts.

  • Tiffany Liao

    Tiffany Liao

    International Studies - Economics Major, Accounting Minor | Class of 2020

    Peer Since: Spring 2018

    I was first an undergrad panel member of the Academic Integrity Review Board. As getting more and more involved with the Academic Integrity Office, I started to wonder what it is like for students after the review meeting. As a result, I joined as a Peer Educator and have been helping students through advising hours and seminars. I am grateful that I had past experience in review process, in that way, I can explain the whole picture of panel review to students effectively. To me, integrity is not just about school work, but also is about core values that matter to us the most and how we uphold those values.

  • Ting Yu

    Ting Yu

    Joint Mathematics-Computer Science Major | Class of 2020

    Peer Since: Fall 2017

    I became a peer educator because promoting integrity is important but hard. It is avoided and repressed in our daily conversations. I wanted to take up this challenge and be part of the change.

  • Winnie Tran

    Winnie Tran

    Physiology and Neuroscience Major | Class of 2019

    Peer Since: Winter 2017

    Overall, being a peer educator gives me the opportunity to contribute in the promotion of academic integrity. Most importantly, it was the emotional aspect that appealed to me. I really want to be a part of a strong support system that helps my fellow peers.

  • Zi Yang

    Zi Yang

    Joint Mathematics-Computer Science & Psychology Double Major | Class of 2019

    Peer Since: Summer 2018

    I became a peer educator because I realized it is not always easy to make ethical decisions and I want to encourage peers including myself to have the courage to uphold values that we hold. I also enjoy speaking with students and helping them to move forward from their AI violations.