After Cheating is Reported

What happens?

After the instructor submits their report, the Academic Integrity Office creates a central case file.

  • The allegation and documentation are forwarded to the Appropriate Administrative Authority (AAA)
    • If the case involves one student, the AAA is the student's college dean of student affairs (if the student is an undergraduate) or the Assistant Dean of the Graduate Division (if the student is a graduate student)
    • If the case involves 2 or more students from different colleges or involves undergraduates and graduate students, the case is sent to one administrative authority to resolve
  • The Academic Integrity Office will communicate with the instructor throughout the process via email

The AAA meets with the involved student(s) in an attempt to resolve the allegation.

  • If the student accepts responsibility, the AAA imposes administrative sanctions and notifies the Academic Integrity Office.
    • The Academic Integrity Office then notifies the instructor and directs the instructor to submit the academic sanction (i.e., the grade).
  • If the student denies responsibility but the evidence is sufficient, the AAA directs the student to the Academic Integrity Review process
  • If the student denies responsibility and provides new information for the instructor to consider, the AAA may contact the instructor to further discuss the allegation.
  • The majority of allegations are resolved in the student's meeting with the AAA; only about 15% of allegations proceed to an Academic Integrity Review.

A formal Academic Integrity Review may be scheduled.

  • The Academic Integrity Office coordinates the schedules of the instructor, involved student(s) and any other relevant parties to schedule a date and time for the review
  • The AIO collects the necessary documentation from involved parties
  • For more information about Academic Integrity Reviews, see Preparing for an Academic Integrity Review

If a formal Academic Integrity Review occurs, the Academic Integrity Review Board (AIRB) will make a decision aobut the case, either holding the student responsible for an academic integrity violation or not. If the student is held responsible, the case is referred back to the AAA for sanctioning. If the student is not held responsible, they are given the option to retroactively withdraw from the class or receive their earned grade.

The instructor submits the student's grade.

  • If the allegation is resolved during the quarter, the student's grade can be submitted through the normal end-of-quarter process
  • If the allegation remains unresolved by the end of the quarter, a grade of X will be submitted by the instructor (the student's transcript will only show a blank where the grade should be).
  • Once the allegation is resolved, the Academic Integrity Office will notify the instructor to change the X to the appropriate grade.