Who can help me?

Peer Educators at the AI Office

Book an Advising Appointment:

Our Peer Educators are available Monday-Friday for advising for anyone who might need help on:

  • understanding academic integrity and why decisions were made/actions were taken
  • going through the process when an academic integrity violation may have occurred
  • understanding the administrative and academic consequences of the different types of violations
  • preparing for a review
  • anything related to academic integrity!

Use acuity to schedule an appointment. 

Office of Student Advocacy

According to the UCSD Associated Students’ Standing Rules, the Office of Student Advocacy “exists to inform, advise and represent individual students experiencing academic or administrative conflicts with the University.”

The Policy on Integrity of Scholarship (Specifically section V, B, 8) allows that a “Student may be accompanied by an Associated Students Student Advocate in the Academic Integrity Review.

The student should present his or her own case, but the advocate may assist the student with questioning and procedural issues. The advocate may not normally appear at the Academic Intgerity Review instead of the student. However, in the event that the advocate is present but the student is not, the Academic Integrity Review may continue at the discretion of the Presiding Officer. In this case, questions may be asked of the Advocate, and the Advocate may address procedural issues on behalf of the student.

Student advocates are typically approached by students for two services:

  1. Prior to the Review, the advocate are approached as advisors to the student, informing him/her of the process, helping him/her prepare for the Review, and informing him/her of related rights and responsibilities; and,
  2. During the Review, the advocate is asked represent the student during the Review.
  3. Given that the purpose of the Review is to provide an unbiased panel (herein the “Panel”) with sufficient information to make informed a fair decision regarding a policy violation allegation, we also believe that there is a third, more implicit, role the Advocate plays: Help facilitate, and not obfuscate, the presentation to the Panel of all available information relevant to the allegation under consideration.

Student advocates are not a part of the Academic Integrity office. If you would like to get help from a student advocate, set up an appointment by:

  • emailing them at asadvocacy@ucsd.edu 
  • calling 858-534-5920
  • visiting their office in Price Ceter 4th floor