Who can help me?

Students and instructors involved in the process of resolving academic integrity violation allegations can solicit assistance from whomever they would like. However, we recommend getting assistance from a trained UC San Diego community member so that you can be sure you are receiving accurate and appropriate assistance. Also, it is important to note that only UC San Diego community members trained by the AI Office can accompany students and instructors into an AI Review. 

The Academic Integrity Office has trained 3 different types of UCSD community members to advise students and instructors throughout the process:


AI Office Peer Advisors

The AI Office student staff are available Monday-Friday for advising for students who might need help on:

  • understanding academic integrity and why decisions were made/actions were taken
  • going through the process when an academic integrity violation may have occurred
  • understanding the administrative and academic consequences of the different types of violations
  • preparing for a review
  • anything related to academic integrity!

Use acuity to schedule an appointment. 

AS Advocates

UCSD Associated Students’ Student Advocates “exists to inform, advise and represent individual students experiencing academic or administrative conflicts with the University.”

 Student advocates are trained by the AI Office and are available to:

  1. advise students throughout the academic integrity violation process
  2. help prepare students for an AI Review (including drafting a statement and gathering documentation)
  3. accompany the student to AI Review IIs
  4. help students write their appeals

Make an appointment with an AS Advocate on their website

AIRB Advisors

Students and Instructors going through the Review process starting with Fall 2019 cases can receive help from AIRB Advisors - members of the AIRB who are trained by the AI Office to:

  1. assist students or instructors in writing their Review statements and collecting related documentation
  2. accompany students or instructors to the AI Review II

If you are a student or an instructor going through the AI Review process, you can request an Advisor here.