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Faculty, students, and staff all have a role to play so join the movement to excel with integrity at UCSD and help others do the same. Getting involved is one way to build your character with the pillars of integrity. 

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Integrity Peer Educator (Student Worker)

Integrity Peer Educators serve as the key staff to assist students through the Academic Integrity Office educational programming. Integrity Peer Educators help students who have violated academic integrity standards to move through the education process, in seminars and workshops, that takes place after their resolution phase.

For more information, visit take-action/get-involved/peer-educators

Integrity Proctor (Readership)

Integrity Proctors assist faculty with ensuring integrity during the midterm and final test taking process. Proctors are expected to proctor at least 3 exams per quarter and attend quarterly training events. Work times will vary depending on schedule and availability.

Applications for Integrity Proctors will be open in Fall. For more information, visit take-action/get-involved/AI Proctor Program

Integrity Mentor (Student Worker)

Our Integrity Mentorship Program (I.M.P)  is now hiring mentors!  Please share this opportunity with any students who might be a good fit!

We encourage any interested applicants to submit materials as soon as possible.  The applications will be accepted until our recruitment needs are filled. 

Below is some information about the program and some requirements to be a mentor. Students can find the job posting on Handshake by looking up job #5052289.

What is the Integrity Mentorship Program?

The I.M.P is a program is a one-on-one peer mentoring program designed to allow students the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to their education, their willingness to learn and change their academic strategies for success, and their ability to positively contribute to the UCSD community. It is assigned to select students after integrity violations.

What do mentors do?

  • Evaluate mentee achievement of the learning objectives of the program
  • Keep notes on mentees’ progress
  • Provide mentees feedback on their performance
  • Communicate with mentees in and outside their mentoring sessions
  • Keep I.M.P. coordinators and/or AIO Assistant Director apprised with concerns
  • Attend regular trainings and meetings

What are the qualifications?

  • Uphold the AIO office’s values (be responsible, honest, fair, trustworthy and respectful)
  • Possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Command authority with professionalism and respect
  • Maintain integrity
  • Familiar with campus resources and policies a bonus
  • Pay UC San Diego student services fees each quarter working

What are the hours and salary?

Hours: 2-10 per week

Salary: $15/hr

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out:

Assistant Coordinator (Student Worker)

Assistant Coordinators at the Academic Integrity Office organize and deliver educational programs, plan and oversee outreach events, and help communicate with the UC San Diego community to spread the mission of the office.

For more information, visit take-action/get-involved/workers

Academic Integrity Review Board Member (Faculty & Student Volunteers)

The responsibility of the review board is to serve impartially, assess all information presented at the Review, and render a decision based on a preponderance of information whether it is more likely than not that the student's actions violated the Policy on Integrity of Scholarship. Students who serve on the review board will serve on 2-3 reviews per quarter, while faculty will serve on 4 per quarter, with each review lasting from 1-3 hours.

For more information, visit take-action/get-involved/airb

AI Review II Presiding Officers (Faculty & Staff Volunteers)

The AI Review II (AIR II) is a critical procedure within a fair process for resolving contested allegations of academic integrity violations when a student is facing suspension or dismissal from the University. AIR IIs are decided by a panel of faculty and student members chosen from our Academic Integrity Review Board (AIRB), however they are facilitated by a Presiding Officer.

For more information, visit take-action/get-involved/airb-presiding-officers