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Faculty, students, and staff all have a role to play so join the movement to excel with integrity at UCSD and help others do the same. Getting involved is one way to build your character with the pillars of integrity. 

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Integrity Peer Educator (Volunteer)

The role of Integrity Peer Educators is to promote integrity and educate students on ethical decision making. Our volunteer peers advise students in the academic integrity process, participate in the delivery of Academic Integrity Seminar, and participate in outreach events to spread a culture of integrity on the UC San Diego campus.

For more information and to apply, visit take-action/get-involved/peer-educators

Academic Integrity Review Board Member (Volunteer)

The responsibility of the review board is to serve impartially, assess all information presented at the Review, and render a decision based on a preponderance of information whether it is more likely than not that the student's actions violated the Policy on Integrity of Scholarship. Students who serve on the review board will serve on 2-3 reviews per quarter, while faculty will serve on 4 per quarter, with each review lasting from 1-3 hours.

For more information, visit take-action/get-involved/airb

Integrity Proctor (Readership)

Integrity Proctors assist faculty with ensuring integrity during the midterm and final test taking process. Proctors are expected to proctor at least 3 exams per quarter and attend quarterly training events. Work times will vary depending on schedule and availability.

Applications for Integrity Proctors will be open in Fall. For more information, visit take-action/get-involved/AI Proctor Program

Integrity Mentor (Student Worker)

The purpose of the Integrity Mentorship Program (IMP) is to allow a student the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to their education, their willingness to learn and change their academic strategies for success, and their ability to positively contribute to the UCSD community. Integrity Mentors are paired together with students, whom they meet one-on-one throughout the quarter. Mentors will help students create a SMART goal to address a particular weakness or obstacle. Throughout the ten week program, mentors will assess their students' progress and help them identify any challenges in achieving their goals.

For more information, email

Assistant Coordinator (Student Worker)

Assistant Coordinators at the Academic Integrity Office organize and deliver educational programs, plan and oversee outreach events, and help communicate with the UC San Diego community to spread the mission of the office.

For more information, visit take-action/get-involved/workers