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When it comes right down to it, how do you Choose Integrity when your grades might be on the line? 
 Why is Choosing Integrity important to you or to the Triton family?


Share how or why you Choose Integrity! 

Submit your artistic interpretation of why Choosing Integrity is important to you or strategies you use for Choosing Integrity even when it is tempting not to. You can use whatever medium you choose  — creative writing, graphic novel, poetry, digital art, hand drawn art, GIFs, Memes, and so on. 

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Congratulations 2023 Contest Winners!


First Place Winner:

True Growth
by Hanako Primer

True Growth, an art piece by UC San Diego Student Hanako Primer


Runner Up

The Triton Way: Choosing Integrity
by Zhanming Wang

When the pressure mounts and the stakes are high,
Integrity is the beacon that guides us, never to shy.
For grades may be a fleeting glory,
But integrity is the foundation, a timeless story.

We may be tempted to take shortcuts, to cheat and lie,
But in the end, it's integrity that will never die.
It's the anchor that holds us steady, in the roughest of seas,
It's the light that shines within us, a guiding breeze.

So when the road ahead is uncertain, and the grades are on the line,

We must choose integrity, and make it shine.
For it's not just about us, it's about the Triton family,
We are all connected, like branches on a tree.

For UC San Diego, integrity is the North Star,
It guides us towards a brighter future, it's who we are.
It's the unshakable rock, that holds us firm,
It's the Triton way, the way to excel, to never squirm.

So let us choose integrity, in every step we take,

For it's the Triton way, the way to excel and make our mark.
For UC San Diego, we'll always choose integrity,
It's the Triton way, it's the way to excel, with dignity.