When it comes right down to it, how do you Choose Integrity when your grades might be on the line? 
Why is Choosing Integrity important to you or to the Triton family?


Students - YOU are invited to share how or why you Choose Integrity! 

Submit your artistic interpretation of why Choosing Integrity is important to you OR strategies you use for Choosing Integrity even when it is tempting not to. You can use whatever medium you choose  - creative writing, graphic novel, poetry, digital art, hand drawn art, GIFs, Memes, and so on. 

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Entries are due April 3rd, 2023. Submit your entry here.




Congratulations 2022 Contest Winners!



First Place Winner:

by Jacqueline Toh



First Runner Up 

Answering the Question
by Mads Kelly

"This poem is as direct as it sounds, it's about me answering the question: Why do you choose to Excel with Integrity? The beginning starts with a lot of questions as I the narrator, tries to sort through the reasoning behind the question itself. The middle is a series of statements that leads to the conclusion that every statement is one of the many reasons why I choose to excel with integrity." -Mads Kelly


Honorable Mentions

Integrity Raccoon

by Allen Chen 



"A short comic about a struggling student and their racoon guardian who acts as a voice of conscience." - Allen Chen

Excel with Integrity, King Triton!

by Hanako Primer



"In this mini comic strip, King Triton is conflicted on whether he should cheat or not. However, with Sunny G's help he is able to understand the importance of excelling with integrity and decides not to. I hope the use of familiar UCSD characters and a humorous tone helps educate students on how cheating is should not be seen as necessary and the resources available to them." -Hanako Primer

Piece of Mind

by Lylian Huerta



"This piece began as a 'stain doodle', in which a paper is watercolored randomly and once it dries, pen is used to doodle whatever the artist 'sees'. Overall, 'Piece of Mind' is meant to depict a boy in creative thought. A small monologue is written behind him as well.
My goal was to emphasize that individual thoughts have value because they are just that: individual, unique. When stain doodles are done with a group of friends, no one person ever comes up with the same things. Thus, it is important to excel with integrity in our research papers, art projects etc. because it is a show that we respect the person from which the thought of work originated from and it is an acknowledgement that our own thoughts, as students and scholars, also have value and likewise deserve to be respected and credited when appropriate." - Lylian Huerta