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Physics Academic Integrity Agreement


Students are expected to complete the course in compliance with the instructor's standards. No student shall engage in any activity that involves attempting to receive a grade by means other than honest effort, for example:

  1. No student shall knowingly procure, provide, or accept any materials that contain questions or answers to any examination or assignment to be given at a subsequent time.
  2. No student shall complete, in part or in total, any examination or assignment for another person.
  3. No student shall knowingly allow any examination or assignment to be completed, in part or in total, for himself or herself by another person.
  4. No student shall plagiarize or copy the work of another person and submit it as his or her own work.
  5. No student shall employ aids excluded by the instructor in undertaking course work.
  6. No student shall alter graded class assignments or examinations and then resubmit them for regrading.
  7. No student shall provide their assignments, in part or in total, to any other student in current or future classes of this course. No student shall procure or accept assignments from any other student from current or prior classes of this course.
  8. All assignments and examinations submitted for evaluation must be the student’s original work. Use of tutoring sites, such as, but not limited to, Chegg, TutorEye and MyGuru, and otherwise searching the internet, to obtain partial or complete solutions to problems in assignments or examinations is unauthorized.
  9. All documentation submitted for evaluation or existing inside the student’s computer accounts must be the student’s original work or material specifically authorized by the instructor. The course accounts are authorized for course work only.
  10. Collaborating with other students to develop, complete or correct course work is limited to activities explicitly authorized by the instructor. Use of your own previous course work or other students course work, in part or in total, to develop, complete or correct course work, including documentation, is unauthorized. Use of texting or messaging services or Internet sites like Pastebin or GitHub or similar systems to share or publish course files in part or in total is unauthorized. Unless otherwise explicitly authorized, each student is completely responsible to keep their homework and other course work off of Internet sites.
  11. For all group assignments, each member of the group is responsible for the academic integrity of the entire submission.

Each student is responsible for knowing and abiding by UCSD's Policies on Integrity of Scholarship and Student Conduct. Any student violating these policies will earn an 'F' in the course and will be reported to the University for the violation.

Authorized course assistance is available in person and electronically from the course instructor and instructional assistants.

By signing this form, I understand and will abide by the above policies and by the spirit of the above policies. I will seek authorized assistance when I need help. I will keep a copy of this agreement for future reference.