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Don’t be a Bystander

Speak Up and Out Against Cheating

Whether you are a studentfaculty, or instructional assistant, it is your ethical obligation to speak out and up against any academic integrity violations. If you’re aware of cheating at UC San Diego, you are encouraged to report it because without your reports, we as a community cannot create and promote a culture of integrity. We want to maintain a culture where we empower you to uphold integrity. 


If you see cheating or are asked to participate in cheating, you have the following options: 

  • Just say no! Sometimes saying no to a peer is difficult, but saying no will help your friend in the long-term. Redirect your friends to ethical alternatives. 
  • Tell your TA or instructor what youve seen/ observed. 
  • Report the issue to the Academic Integrity Office (option to be anonymous).
  • Call the toll-free, independent Whistleblower Hotline, (877) 319-0265. 


If you suspect cheating in one of your classes, Senate policy requires that you report the suspicion to the AI Office. Submit a formal report.

Not sure if you should report? Email us at

For guidance on how to respond to cheating, see the Guidelines for Faculty and Instructional Support.

Instructional Assistants

As a Teaching Assistant, Tutor or Reader, you are also responsible for notifying your instructor or AI Office if you have any suspicions that an academic integrity violation has occurred or is occurring. Your instructor may ask that you submit a Formal Report on their behalff. 

For guidance on how to respond to cheating, see the Guidelines for Faculty and Instructional Support.