What rights do the students have?

If an Instructor alleges that a student may have violated academic integrity, the student has a right to due process. At UC San Diego, due process means that the student has 4 main rights.

  1. The right to be notified.
    1. Students will receive notification of the alleged academic integrity violation.
    2. At UC San Diego, students will receive official notification of a suspected academic integrity violation either by the Instructor or by an Appropriate Administrative Authority (AAA).
  2. The right to receive (upon request) a copy of the documentation supporting the allegation.
  3. The right to be heard
    1. At UC San Diego, students have 3 possible opportunities to be heard (to tell the facts as they know them):
      1. Instructor-Student (I-S) Resolution Meeting
        1. OPTIONAL at the Instructor's choice
          1. If the student accepts responsibility with the Instructor, their process is expedited
          2. Students can retract that acceptance by contacting the AIO, within 2 business days of accepting, by using this form. 
      2. Resolution Meeting with an Appropriate Administrative Authority (AAA)
        1. If i above doesn't occur, the student has a right to meet with a AAA
      3. Academic Integrity Review (Review)
        1. OPTIONAL
          1. this meeting only is relevant in 15% of the cases - when a student is contesting the academic integrity violation allegation and the Instructor does not withdraw the allegation
          2. this right to a Review isn't absolute. Students should accept responsibility if their actions violated academic integrity, regardless of whether the violation was "intentional" or not, and students should NOT request an AI Review because of the severity of sanctions (that is what the right to appeal is for).
  4. The right to appeal
    1. At UC San Diego, students are afforded three types of Appeals:
      1. the decision of the Academic Integrity Review
      2. Administrative Sanctions of Suspension or Dismissal
      3. Academic sanctions