Integrity and ethics are core principles guiding all of UCSD’s activities (UCSD Strategic Plan [pdf]).

In support of the UC’s Statement of Ethical Values (pdf), “Excel with Integrity is our pledge to not only strive to be excellent, but strive to be excellent with integrity.

UCSD affirms the International Center for Academic Integrity’s definition --- having the courage to uphold honesty, respect, responsibility, fairness and trustworthiness even when it is difficult to do so.

Excelling with integrity means that we aim for the highest possible achievement using only honest, respectful, responsible, fair, and trustworthy methods. And, it means that we affirm that no external measurements of “excellence” (e.g., grades, awards, trophies, publications) are worth more than having the courage to be honest, trustworthy, fair, respectful and responsible.

Integrity matters for so many reasons, but here are three:

  1. UC San Diego's academic community constructs new knowledge and invents solutions to perennial world problems. Society trusts that we do this in morally responsible ways with the utmost transparency, fairness, and responsibility. Without integrity, we fail to meet those expectations, the reputation of UCSD is threatened, and the dangers we pose to society are significant.

  2. Society relies on the UCSD degree to mean something - that a graduate has the requisite knowledge and abilities to perform in a professional role. Without integrity, we fail to meet those expectations, the reputation of UCSD is threatened and the value of a UCSD degree is diminished.

  3. Faculty and students have to be able to trust each other to uphold their responsibilities. Students have to be able to trust that faculty have designed their classes and assessments with the students’ learning in mind, and faculty have to trust that students have completed their assessments honestly and fairly. Without integrity, we fail to meet those expectations, and the freedom to complete our work without constant supervision will be taken away.