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Integrity Mentorship Program

For students who are assigned to the Integrity Mentorship Program (IMP), the program is an important opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to their education, their willingness to learn and change their academic strategies for success, and their ability to positively contribute to the UC San Diego community.  

The IMP occurs over a period of 5 weeks. The student (mentee) is matched with an Integrity Mentor (mentor). Together they meet 5 times (once every week) for 50 minutes. The mentee has tasks to do in between each meeting, as well as a final reflection paper. 

IMP allows many opportunities for students to grow and learn and to develop valuable lifelong skills. Throughout the program, mentors will help guide their mentees students in exploring topics such as: 

  • Characterizing their responses to the factors that led to their violation, and their feelings throughout the process so far 
  • Recognizing the broad impact of their action 
  • Assessing what they need in order to excel with integrity 
  • Constructing personalized SMART goals 
  • Identifying their core values
  • Assessing obstacles that may inhibit their ability to follow through with their goals and enact their values 
  • Locating strategies to mitigate those obstacles 
  • Designing strategies for keeping their actions in line with their values 
  • Identifying resources that will assist them in reaching their goals 
  • Evaluating their work towards achieving their goal 
  • Assessing their experiences engaging with resources