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AI Review Board Presiding Officers

According to senate's Academic Integrity Policy and Procedures, the Academic Integrity Review Board (AIRB) is an impartial body of faculty and students who decide contested allegations of academic integrity violations at either an AI Review I (informal hearing) or II (formal hearing).  

The AI Review II (AIR II) is a critical procedure within a fair process for resolving contested allegations of academic integrity violations when a student is facing suspension or dismissal from the University.  

AIR IIs are decided by a panel of faculty and student members chosen from our Academic Integrity Review Board (AIRB), however they are facilitated by a Presiding Officer. 

What is an AIR II Presiding Officer?

According to senate policy and procedures, Presiding Officers:  

  • Facilitate AI Review IIs, UC San Diego's formal hearing for students who are contesting academic integrity violation allegations that may result in separation (suspensions or dismissals) from the University; 
  • Ensure that Policy and Procedures are followed during the AI Review IIs; 
  • Respond to Review rescheduling requests; 
  • Make decisions during the AI Review IIs in order to maintain fairness, order and decorum; facilitate the presentation of evidence; and provide opportunities for questions to be asked by all parties; 
  • Work with the AI Office to solve problems and issues that arise during the course of the AI Review II; and, 
  • Accurately record the AI Review Board's decision.

Who Can Serve as Presiding Officer?

Any UC San Diego community members selected and trained by the Academic Integrity Office (AIO) can serve as a Presiding Officer for AI Review IIs.  

UC San Diego community members chosen to serve in this capacity will become part of a select group of people dedicated to ensuring excellence with integrity at UC San Diego.   

Note: Any senate faculty members selected as Presiding Officers will be appointed to the AI Review Board so serving as Presiding Officer will count as Senate Service.

What skills or experience should someone have to become a Presiding Officer?

Successful Presiding Officers have all the following (either before or after training):  

  • Experience with running hearings or facilitating meetings that might feel adversarial or contentious; 
  • Skills at managing difficult conversations while keeping the conversation productive and conciliatory; 
  • Experienced with analyzing or handling confidential and evidentiary documentation, including making decisions about appropriateness for inclusion or not; 
  • Knowledge of the university's Academic Integrity Policy and its procedures;  
  • Comfort with being a meeting facilitator and policy expert, but without ability to influence the decision; 
  • Experienced at facilitating consensus-building conversations involving people at different levels (e.g., faculty & students); and,  
  • Willing to be trained before serving and engaging in quarterly training on an ongoing basis.

Application and Selection Process

UC San Diego community members who meet the above requirements and have the support of their Supervisor or Department Chair, are encouraged to apply.  

Presiding Officers will be selected to be trained by the Academic Integrity Office (AIO), with help from a committee that will preferably include an experienced Presiding Officer, an AIRB student member, and an AIRB faculty member.  

Any questions should be directed to