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Assistant Coordinators

The Academic Integrity Office (AIO) promotes and supports a culture of academic integrity in order to reinforce quality teaching and learning at UC San Diego. Having students at the forefront of our office is important to us in accomplishing this mission as student voices are crucial to setting the culture of our university.

As an Assistant Coordinator in the AIO, you will greet visitors to our virtual and physical office, field questions, perform administrative duties, as well as conduct 1:1 meetings with students and support and/or lead preventative and after educational programming.

General Administrative Duties

  • Greet visitors to the virtual and physical office, answer visitors’ questions and/or direct them to the appropriate person, and provide resources as
  • Support Mentors during their mentoring hours
  • Perform general administrative and clerical duties as assigned (e.g., tracking of students assigned to AI training; ordering, organizing, and tracking food and office supplies inventory; delivering and picking-up confidential documents around campus; maintaining a clean and welcoming space; providing set-up for AI Office meetings
  • Conduct 1:1 appointments including, g. advising, pre-review, and pre-requisite meetings
  • Develop and sustain good connections with all users, staff and volunteers in the Office
  • Staff educational programs and outreach events as needed
  • Assist professional staff and other student staff as assigned

You may also be assigned to do work within these specialized areas:


  • Create material and post it to AI Office social media channels to ensure consistent and persuasive messaging
  • Maintain working relationships with other social media pages for student orgs by liking/sharing/reposting content and promoting campus events
  • Provide minor and substantial updates to the official AI Office website Help create and produce other forms of communications
  • Coordinate campus display cases and/or electronic displays throughout campus
  • Create and maintain a library of graphics for website and other uses to showcase our highlights/events
  • Provide marketing support for outreach and educational events


  • Design, coordinate and implement preventative education and outreach events and programs such as: Integrity Awareness Week (Fall Quarter), Winter Quarter Event, general high school outreach, residential life and classroom presentations, etc.
  • Provide administrative and coordinating assistance for AI Training
  • Teach regular or supplemental sections of AI Seminar and the Collaboration Workshop
  • Tutor students struggling to complete AI Training
  • Grade AI Training assessments

Integrity Mentorship

  • Pair Integrity Mentorship Program mentors and mentees Schedule Integrity Mentorship Program meetings
  • Assist in the review and updating of Integrity Mentorship Program curriculum Prepare materials for each mentoring session
  • Help to train and coach the Mentors
  • Substitute for Mentors in 1:1 IMP Meetings when necessary
  • Review mentor notes from each meeting and maintain tracking of all mentees Communicate with all mentees throughout the program to enable their success Assist with assessment of the mentees
  • Create quarterly reports for each mentee

Student Leadership

  • Coordinate recruitment, interviews, on-boarding orientations for other student worker positions
  • Coordinate team-building and appreciation events
  • Co-design, coordinate and sometimes lead student worker meetings and trainings coordinate student worker staffing for events and student support
  • Maintain tracking of student workers
  • Create student worker quarterly schedules, managing changes and conflicts as needed

Case Support

  • Provide policy & procedural administrative support to Case Coordinators and Office Administrator
  • Process official communications to students and faculty regarding academic integrity violation cases (e.g., meeting confirmations)
  • Maintain tracking of cases in progress, sending reminders to involved parties and AAAs, and updating the tracking sheet, as needed
  • Collate and produce Briefing Packets for AI Reviews
  • Host AI Reviews (including: greeting participants, arranging meeting materials, troubleshooting issues)

Interested in Applying?

If you are interested in applying and believe you have the qualifications and competencies below, email our office at


  • Responsible, Honest, Fair, Trustworthy & Respectful
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to command authority while maintaining professionalism and respect Maintain integrity under stressful conditions in environments with potential conflicts of interest
  • Ability to work independently, as well as to work well on a team Ability to take direction well from multiple sources
  • Demonstrated attention to detail
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Flexibility and ability to manage & prioritize multiple tasks while working in an active office
  • Familiarity with campus resources and polices a bonus
  • Must pay UC San Diego student services fees each quarter working


  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Professionalism and Integrity
  • Self Reflection

Position Details

  • Location: On-campus
  • Approximate hours per week: 5-20
  • Pay Rate: $17.55/hr