Assistant Coordinators

The central mission of the AI Office is to create and support a culture of integrity in order to reinforce quality teaching and learning at UC San Diego. Assistant Coordinators are an essential part of our team in accomplishing that mission. Assistant Coordinators provide services, organize and deliver educational programs, plan and deliver excel with integrity outreach events, and help us communicate with UC San Diego and the broader San Diego community.

Assistant Coordinators develop critical employment skills like communication, leadership, interpersonal, ethical decision-making, and teamwork, and their work makes a great and important impact on the UC San Diego community.

There are six Assistant Coordinator positions:

  • Communications Coordinators are responsible for the creation, weekly maintenance and periodic enhancements of AI Office communications with the UC San Diego and external communities through this official AI Office website and other social media sites.
  • Education Assistant Coordinators are responsible for providing administrative and coordinating assistance for the Academic Integrity Seminar; working with other student leaders and workers to coordinate education/outreach events; designing and getting printed advertising and promotion materials for events; connecting with local high schools and student orgs on campus for AI education.
  • Student Leadership Coordinator is responsible for helping organize/communicate with the Integrity Peer Educator organization; coordinating and sometimes leading peer educator meetings and trainings; coordinating student advising appointments; organizing end-of-quarter & end-of-year events; coordinating student leader recruitment; working with other campus student leaders (e.g., RAs); and working in collaboration with Education Assistant Coordinators.
  • Integrity Mentorship Program Coordinator is responsible for providing administrative and coordinating assistance for the Integrity Mentorship Program (IMP); helping to train and supervise the Integrity Mentors to serve in the IMP; assisting with scheduling and materials preparations for the IMP; teaching/mentoring a large number of the students assigned to IMP; and communicating with students enrolled in the IMP.
  • Proctor Pool Coordinator is responsible for providing administrative support to the Proctor Pool Pilot Project including: managing the incoming Proctor applications, contacting applicants and arranging for interviews; notifying applicants after interviews about their status; planning quarterly training sessions; managing the proctor requests from the departments and fulfilling those requests with matched proctors; conducting occasional monitoring of onsite proctoring practices; maintaining constant communication with proctors in the pool; ensuring assessments are sent and completed by proctors, instructional staff and department contacts; and compiling assessment results.
  • Office Assistant is responsible for assisting with the processing of academic misconduct cases and providing support to the Case Coordinator to ensure that the Policy on Integrity of Scholarship process is followed according to timelines and protocols. These tasks can range from data entry, correspondence with varying levels of staff on Campus, collaborating with the Case Coordinator on student perspective of the Process. The Office Assistant will also help staff the AI Office front desk, deliver and pick-up confidential documents around campus, maintain a clean and welcoming space, and help with ordering, organizing, and tracking food and office supplies inventory.

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