Academic Integrity Review Board Panel Members

For undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty

The Academic Integrity Review Board (AIRB) is a critical component in a fair process for resolving allegations of academic integrity violations.

If you choose to get involved in this capacity, you will be a part of a select group of UC San Diego community members dedicated to ensuring excellence with integrity at UCSD. According to the Policy on Integrity of Scholarship, the AIRB is comprised of at least 45 faculty members, 14 undergraduates and 14 graduate students.

What do AIRB members do?

Members of the AIRB review contested allegations of Policy on Integrity of Scholarship violations in an Academic Integrity Review (the “Review”) and can also serve as AIRB Advisors to both faculty and students who are going through the Review process.

The purpose of a Review is to provide the student who is alleged to have violated the Policy on Integrity of Scholarship the opportunity to have their case heard by a fair and impartial panel of faculty and students. There are two types of AI Reviews:

  1. AI Review I - this is an informal hearing for students who are NOT facing separation from the University (e.g., suspension or dismissal). This is primarily a document review process conducted by a Panel of 1 faculty and 1 student member from the AIRB.
  2. AI Review II - this is a formal hearing for students who ARE facing separation from the University (e.g., suspension or dismissal). AI Review IIs are conducted by a Presiding Officer and decided by either a 3 member AIRB Panel (2 faculty, 1 student) or 5 member AIRB Panel (3 faculty, 1 graduate student, and 1 undergraduate student).

The responsibility of the Panel is to serve impartially, assess all information presented at the Review, and render a decision based on a preponderance of information whether it is more likely than not that the student violated the Policy on Integrity of Scholarship. The standard “preponderance of evidence” is reached when the information presented, having been fairly considered, produces the stronger impression and has the greater weight, and is more convincing of its truth when weighed against information to the contrary. The decision of the Panel shall be determined by a simple majority of voting members.

What does the service require?

AIRB members will either be assigned to serve as AIR I or II Panel Members and possibly as Advisors. Service also requires extensive initial training as well as ongoing/regular training.

Regardless, of the role and required training, members generally serve about 20 hours per quarter. Service schedules are established at the beginning of each quarter.

What qualities does a good AIRB member have?

The role of the AIRB member is to come to a fair and informed decision about a contested allegation of an academic integrity violation. Thus, good AIRB members are patient, empathetic, intelligent, insightful, inquisitive, thoughtful, and articulate. They like making collaborative decisions and seeking truth and justice in unsure situations.

What are the expectations of AIRB members?

The AIRB is unlike any other committees on campus because of both its import and its format.

UC San Diego community members should NOT consider serving on the AIRB unless they are able to:

    • commit to a 6 hour training program in the first quarter;
    • commit to approximately 20 hours of service each quarter, including Panel service, Advisor service and/or ongoing training;
    • follow-through on their committed Reviews and prioritize their Review schedule once it is set;
    • make informed and impartial decisions based on the facts (rather than on emotion);
    • respond promptly to emails from the AI Office; and, 
    • serve at least 1 full year (although most serve multiple years)

For FAQs on participating in Remote Reviews, please click here.

How do I get involved?

Members are appointed throughout the year: 

    • Faculty are appointed by Senate’s Committee on Committees
    • Undergraduate are appointed to the AIRB by their Dean of Student Affairs
    • Graduate students are appointed by the GSA and the Assistant Dean of Graduate Division

To have your appointment considered, complete the application.


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