UC San Diego Integrity Champions - the Videos!

Integrity is a core principle of the University of California, San Diego - it is essential to our excellence.

Each year, on the third Wednesday of the Spring quarter, UC San Diego recognizes campus community members who have made substantial contributions to academic, research and professional integrity over the previous 12 month period. The event is organized by the Research Ethics Program and the Academic Integrity Office in collaboration with the Executive Vice-Chancellor's Office.

In 2019, we started producing videos of some of our Integrity Champions. In 2020, our video production was interrupted by COVID-19, so they're a little different. 

Enjoy meeting our champions and learning why integrity matters!


2021 Integrity Champion Stephanie Fraley


2021 Integrity Champion Brian Leigh

2021 Integrity Champion Ross Turner




2021 Integrity Champions Sahar Baghdadchi, Huihui Qi, & Curt Schurgers



2020 Integrity Champion Cheryl Harrelson



2020 Integrity Champion Isabel Rivera-Collazo



2019 Integrity Champion Sara Gianella Weibel



2019 Integrity Champion Kristen Tregar