Integrity Awards Nomination Instructions

The 13th Annual Integrity Awards (2023) is open for nominations!


Nominations are due by 9 am on December 16th, 2022.


STEP 1. Read through the Award Criteria and Nomination Guidelines


STEP 2. Download the Integrity Awards Nomination Form

  1. Complete the form, providing as many details and artifacts/examples as possible to paint a clear picture of the nominee's integrity/ethics efforts for the selection committee


STEP 3. Find 2-3 Nomination Endorsers (3 only needed for self-nominations)

  1. Endorsers should know the nominee and be able to speak to their suitability for the Integrity Award


STEP 4. Download the Nomination Endorsement Template
  1. Send your completed Nomination Form and the Endorsement Template to your Endorsers
  2. Make sure you ask them to return their endorsements in time for you to submit everything by the deadline


STEP 5. Complete the Integrity Awards Nomination Submission Form
  1. Ensure you click submit so that your nomination is received by 9 am on December 16th, 2022!