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Academic Integrity Seminar

The Academic Integrity (AI) Seminar is designed to help students turn an AI violation into a positive learning opportunity. The 4 weekly in-person meetings of seminar are 50-minutes long, and provide chances to work and share with peers going through the process as well as our Integrity Peer Educators who lead smaller discussion groups within the seminar section.  

Students will: 

  • spend time reflecting 
  • explore the meaning of academic integrity and their own values 
  • learn and practice an ethical decision-making process 
  • explore and learn to confront their own justifications 
  • prepare for moving forward and discussing their violation in future job and university applications and interviews  

The AI Seminar is considered part of the core AI Training curriculum and is assigned to almost all students. The total time commitment of the seminar meetings plus the assignments is approximately 7 hours. 

In addition to the 4 seminar meetings, students complete 3 written assignments. Two of them are used as the basis for a vibrant group discussion during the seminar meetings. The final assignment is due 1 week after the seminar ends and helps students think about what they have learned in this process and start to practice talking about their violation and learnings. You can see the 3 assignments below.