Strategies and Tools to Avoid Plagiarism Workshop


The purpose of this VIRTUAL workshop is to learn tools to avoid plagiarism in order to write with integrity.

Expectations and Standards

In order for the workshop to function well, the following rules and expectations must be respected and observed by all students.

  1. Punctuality. This is very important because this meeting is participatory and it shows respect for everyone else in the room. 
  2. No cell phones, laptops, or other communication devices should be on during the workshop. Staying present to other individuals without external distraction is fundamental to ensuring that all members have the opportunity to learn from one another.
  3. Confidentiality. Although individuals are not obligated to share personal information about themselves or their violation, the workshop is designed as a safe space wherein individuals can freely discuss information that is considered personal and/or private. Thus, by participating in this workshop, you may learn confidential and personal information about other students. Communicating such information in any way that may be attributed to an individual is not permitted. However, you should feel free to share what you learn or insights you've gained.
  4. Participation and Respect. The goal is not to speak for the sake of speaking, but rather to enrich the learning process through consistent participation. You will find that if you are open to participation, you will feel activated to discuss various topics at various times in an instinctive manner. Participation also relies on the expectation of respect for others ideas, opinions, and values. Such respect may come in the form of sharing time in discussions for all individuals to speak, as well as listening and learning from differing viewpoints.

Step 1. Complete the 3 Online Modules

Students required to take the Strategies & Tools to Prevent Plagiarism Workshop need to complete all three modules.  Due to the change to remote learning, the in-person portion of the Plagiarism workshop requirement is not being offered currently.  Therefore, all students who are sanctioned to take the workshop must achieve scores of 100 on all three online modules.   Modules can be retaken as many times as needed to achieve this score.  All three modules must be completed by the workshop deadline date on your sanction letter.


Please give the AI Office 2 business days to get you set-up in CANVAS. Then, go to the Canvas site and the Strategies and Tools to Prevent Plagiarism Module to get the link to complete this fully online tutorial.


Reminder: Completing the 3 online modules after the deadline may result in a $25 late fee and a hold posted to your student account.


IGNORE (not required during remote instruction - Step 2. Enroll in a Workshop Date)


Instead of attending a workshop, you simply have to score 100% in the 3 online modules. You can try as many times as you need to achieve the 100% score.




After you complete the online module and your Universal Pre-Requisites, you will be able to enroll in the in-person workshop. This can be done in the Strategies and Tools to Prevent Plagiarism Module on Canvas. If you enroll in a workshop before completing the online modules and your pre-requisites, you will be dropped from the workshop and asked to re-enroll after you have completed them.

You will not be able to attend the face-to-face workshop until you have completed the 3 online modules. If you get a 100% on all 3 modules, you do not have to attend the face-to-face workshop.

NOTE: when choosing a time/date to attend the Strategies & Tools to Prevent Plagiarism Workshop, make sure you are choosing a date that occurs AFTER your scheduled one-on-one Universal Pre-Requisite meeting and after you have completed the online modules.

Also note that you must make sure to sign up and attend the face-to-face workshop on a date before your workshop deadline (on your sanction letter). If none of the dates work with your schedule by your workshop deadline, email immediately with your full name, PID, and your concerns. If you fail to complete the workshop by the completion deadline on your sanction letter, a $50 fee and hold will be posted to your student account.

IGNORE (not required during remote instruction - Step 3. Attend the Face-To-Face Workshop)



For exact date and time of your workshop, please refer to your email confirmation after you enroll in a workshop date.

This workshop will enable you to further apply what you learned from the online modules and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions. Make sure to check in at the library info desk for the face-to-face meeting.

No shows or arriving late will result in a $25 late fee and a hold posted to your student account. In addition, you will have to sign up for another face-to-face workshop.

Failure to complete the Workshop by your deadline, may result in a $50 AI Training fee and hold posted to your student account.