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Administrative Sanction Appeals

The Academic Integrity Policy affords students the right to appeal the administrative sanction of suspension or dismissal. Students may only submit one sanction appeal per case. Appeal decisions are final and cannot be reappealed.

If you are thinking about appealing your suspension or dismissal, please follow the steps below.

Review the Grounds for Appeal

According to the Academic Integrity Policy, the basis for an appeal of the administrative sanctions shall be:

You need to think about your case and whether you have any explanation or documentation that supports this basis for an appeal. If you do, then proceed to the next step.

Ask for Assistance

If you need help writing your appeal, reach out to AS Office of Student Advocacy for an appointment.

Write Your Appeal

Once you have reviewed the bases for an appeal and have decided that it is relevant to your case, you should write your appeal and collect any relevant documentation. 

Submit Your Appeal

Your Administrative Sanction appeal must be submitted via this form within 10 business days of the date on the sanction letter.

If you need an extension of time to write and submit your appeal, you can request a timeline extension. You must submit that request BEFORE your 10 business days has expired.

Continue with School

While your Administrative Sanction Appeal is in progress, you should continue to attend your classes and complete your AI Training requirements. That way, if your appeal is granted and the suspension or dismissal is removed, you will not be behind in your classes or out of compliance with your AI Training requirements.

Important Considerations

  • Appeals must align with the specified grounds in the Academic Integrity Policy.
  • Process timelines are important – don't miss the 10-business day deadline. 
  • We encourage you to ask for help from the AS Office of Student Advocacy if you are unsure how to write your appeal. 
  • Only 1 sanction appeal can be submitted and considered. Please take time to review your final statement before submitting your appeal.