The Policy on Integrity of Scholarship affords students to right to appeal the decision of the Academic Integrity Review Board (AIRB) IF they were held responsible.

Students thinking about appealing the AIRB decision should follow these steps.


Review the Grounds for Appeal

According to the Policy on Integrity of Scholarship, the basis for an appeal of the AIRB decision shall be:

  • the stated procedures were not followed
  • there exists newly discovered important evidence that has substantial bearing on the determination of the Review Panel.

You need to think about your case and whether you have any explanation or documentation that supports at least ONE of these bases for an appeal. If you do, then proceed to the next step. 

Write Your Appeal

Once you have reviewed the bases for an appeal and have decided that at least one is relevant to your case, you should write your appeal and collect relevant documentation.

If you need help writing your appeal, reach out to AS Office of Student Advocacy - - for an appointment.

Submit Your Appeal

Continue with School

Your sanctions will be on hold until your AI Review Appeal is decided. Thus, there is no need to start your AI Training or any other sanctions.

While your AI Review Appeal is in progress, you should continue to attend your classes. That way, if your appeal is granted, you will not be behind in your classes. If your appeal is granted, you will be given a new Review with new Panel members.

If your appeal is not granted, you will receive a notice of your sanctions and you should immediately attend to the instructions in that notice.