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Academic Integrity Review Board Decision Appeals

The Academic Integrity Policy grants you the right to appeal the decision of the Academic Integrity Review Board (AIRB) if you were held responsible. It's important to note that only one AIRB decision appeal per case is allowed, and appeal decisions are considered final and cannot be re-appealed.

Review the Grounds for Appeal

There are two grounds for you to appeal the AIRB Decision:
  1. The stated procedures were not followed.
  2. There exists newly discovered important evidence that has substantial bearing on the determination of the Review Panel.

Reflect on your case, considering any explanations or documentation that support the basis for an appeal.

Ask for Assistance

For assistance in writing your appeal, reach out to the AS Office of Student Advocacy to schedule an appointment.

Write Your Appeal

Once you've identified relevant grounds for an appeal, write your appeal and gather relevant documentation. Your appeal should be clear and help the Appeal Appropriate Administrative Authority (Appeal AAA) to understand why you are appealing and how the grounds apply in your case.

Submit Your Appeal by the Deadline

Submit your appeal using the AIRB Decision Appeal Form.

Your appeal will be processed by the AI Office within 2 business days of receipt, and then forwarded to the Appeal AAA for review and consideration. They must review your appeal within 10 business days and notify us of your decision.

Continue with School

During the appeal process, sanctions are on hold until the AIRB Decision appeal is decided. Therefore, there's no need to start AI Training or other sanctions that may have already been assigned.

Attend classes as usual, ensuring you remain current with coursework.

If the appeal is granted, a new Review with new Panel members will be scheduled.

If the appeal is not granted, follow the instructions in the notice received, as there's no ability to submit an AIRB decision appeal a second time.

Important Considerations

  • Appeals must align with the specified grounds in the Academic Integrity Policy.
  • Process timelines are important – don't miss the 10-business day deadline. 
  • We encourage you to ask for help from the AS Office of Student Advocacy if you are unsure how to write your appeal. 
  • Only 1 AIRB decision appeal can be submitted and considered. Please take time to review your final statement before submitting your appeal.