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Academic Integrity Reviews

Ensuring a Fair and Transparent Process

Academic Integrity Reviews (AIR) serve as a vital step when a student contests an academic integrity violation, constituting approximately 15% of reported cases. This process involves faculty and students coming together to make unbiased determinations.

The AIR process focuses solely on determining whether a student's actions violated the Academic Integrity Policy. It does not consider intent (i.e., whether the student “meant” to violate policy) or the character (i.e., whether the student is a “good person”) of the student but relies on an evaluation of facts and evidence. The Academic Integrity Review Board is responsible for reviewing the evidence and determining based on the preponderance of evidence (i.e., more likely than not) whether a student is responsible for a violation.

If you disagree that your actions have violated the Academic Integrity Policy, you must follow the process outlined below.

Contesting the Allegation

Resolution Meeting with Resolution AAA

  • Review materials submitted by the instructor.
  • Contest the allegation if you believe your actions did not violate academic integrity.
  • Request the case to proceed to an Academic Integrity Review (AIR).

Pre-Review Meeting

  • Schedule and attend within 10 business days of the Resolution AAA notice (“Review Requested”).
  • Failure to adhere to timelines may result in a "failure to respond" and administrative and academic sanctions to be assigned.

Official Review Request

  • Submit your written request within 5 business days of your Pre-Review Meeting.
  • Receive confirmation and further instructions from the Academic Integrity Office (AIO).

Preparing for the Review

Review Materials from the Instructor

AI Review I and II

  • Receive and review materials carefully

Submit Your Materials to the AIO

  • Submit statement and supporting documentation within 10 business days of the "AI Review Request Received" email.

Receive and Review the Briefing Packet:

  • AIO will send you the final briefing packet containing materials submitted by all involved parties. Carefully review the full briefing packet.
  • For AI Review Is only: Respond in writing within 5 business days to any new information (optional).
  • For AI Review IIs only: Prepare for the day of the Review by familiarizing yourself with the final briefing packet materials. Make notes about questions you have. Check your emails for the scheduling notice confirming the date and time of the Review meeting.

Prepare for the Day of Review (AI Review II only)

  • Follow instructions for virtual reviews (PDF).
  • Respond truthfully and avoid adversarial behavior.
  • Remember, the process is not a trial, and the AIRB determines violations based on available information.
    • Arguments of “intent” or “character” are irrelevant
  • Dress casually; formal attire is unnecessary.

Wait for the Outcome

  • After your case is reviewed by the AIRB, a decision will be made.
  • Continue checking your emails for the “AI Review Decision Notification”.
  • If you are held responsible, you have the right to appeal the decision.

Get Help

AIRB Advisor or AS Advocate Assistance

Legal Consultation (If Desired)

While not a legal process, students can use the services of Student Legal Services for additional opinions.
At UC San Diego, we strive for a fair and transparent process during Academic Integrity Reviews. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or explore our FAQ for more information.